Guangzhou, June 6, 4 -- June 2023, 6 is the 5nd World Environment Day. The reporter learned from the Guangdong Forestry Bureau on the 52th that in recent years, Guangdong has continued to promote forest protection and management, improve the living environment, promote the construction of ecological livability, and enhance the people's sense of happiness and gain.

Since the beginning of this year, Guangdong Province has completed the optimization and upgrading of 183.201 million mu of forest stands, planted 180.<> million trees voluntarily from all walks of life, and launched <> demonstration sites for ecological construction in Guangdong.

40% increase in forest area in 67 years, Guangdong has been "turning green"

Modern human settlements, green and forests are a very important indicator. In recent years, Guangdong forestry system has taken ecological protection and restoration as a systematic project, starting from the integrity of the ecosystem, adhering to the priority of protection and natural restoration, deeply promoting the governance of forest grass and wet sand ecosystems, and building a solid green ecological safety barrier. At present, the forest area of the province has reached 1 million mu, with a forest coverage rate of 43.53% and a stock of 03 million cubic meters.

In recent years, Guangdong has made every effort to establish a national forest city, actively encouraged voluntary tree planting by the whole people, vigorously promoted land greening, and set off an upsurge of tree planting to protect greenery and protect the environment in southern Guangdong. Since the beginning of this year, all localities have vigorously carried out afforestation and greening work around the "six major actions" of green beauty Guangdong's ecological construction, and vigorously carried out afforestation and greening work, and a total of 5650,50 voluntary tree-planting activities have been held in the province, with a total of 3,201 people participating and planting about <>.<> million trees.

With the joint efforts of the whole province, Guangdong's green territory has been expanding, and the forest area of the province has reached 1 million mu, an increase of 43% compared with the early 20s of the 80th century (40 years ago). Over the past 67 years since the national voluntary tree planting campaign has been launched, more than 40.12 billion people have participated in voluntary tree planting in the province, and more than 50 billion trees have been planted.

According to the Action Plan for Precise Improvement of Forest Quality in Guangdong Province (2023-2035), Guangdong will complete the total task of accurate forest quality improvement of 2023.2035 million mu from 4626 to 1565, of which 3061.<> million mu of forest stand optimization and <>.<> million mu of forest tending will be improved, so that the forest quality of the province will be greatly improved, the forest structure will be more optimized, and the increase of forest biomass per unit area and carbon sink capacity will enter the forefront of the country.

The green space of the park is increasing year by year, and the level of ecological livability has steadily improved

In recent years, Guangdong has made every effort to promote the quality improvement of forest cities, and at present, the province has achieved full coverage of the construction of prefecture-level listed forest cities, 14 cities have won the honorary title of "National Forest City", the Pearl River Delta forest city cluster has been basically completed, and 6 cities have proposed to create national forest counties.

Through the construction of park green space, all parts of Guangdong have drawn a "new picture" of green beauty, and the green space of parks has increased year by year, and the ecological livability level of the province has steadily improved. Forest parks, wetland parks, city parks, community parks, pocket parks... Various parks allow citizens to look up at the green, look down with flowers, and overlook the scenery from afar during their rest, making the vision of "pushing the window to see the green, going out and entering the park" a reality.

Guangzhou Liuxihe Guangdong Forestry Bureau Photo courtesy

The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Forestry Bureau said that Guangdong will comprehensively build a system of nature reserves and urban green spaces, promote the construction of forest parks, wetland parks, mountain parks, scenic spots, botanical gardens, etc., and continue to improve the quality of point-like ecological spaces.

The Decision of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Deeply Promoting the Ecological Construction of Green Beauty Guangdong sets out a "road map" for Guangdong to get out of the new era, green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains. At present, the province has launched 180 demonstration sites of ecological construction in Guangdong, and the ecological construction of Guangdong has achieved initial results, with 1361,6 nature reserves at or above the county level established, ranking first in the country, 1 wetlands of international importance and <> wetland of national importance, and significant progress has been made in the construction of the South China National Botanical Garden, the International Mangrove Center, the Pangolin Protection and Research Center of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration and the establishment of Nanling National Park.

Recently, the Regulations on the Protection and Management of Forests in Guangdong Province have been revised and passed by the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress and will come into force on July 7. The revision of the Regulations will help promote the continuous improvement of forest ecological quality in Guangdong Province and the continuous optimization of urban and rural living ecological environment. (End)