Carl Bildt was present when Recep Tayyip Erdogan was once again sworn in as the country's president this weekend.

In connection with the inauguration, which he describes as "impressive", he spoke with the new foreign minister, Hakan Fidan.

– We talked about what has been close to him, that is, the importance of crime prevention and law enforcement activities, that there is cooperation between Sweden and Turkey on this, says Carl Bildt in SVT's Morgonstudion.

"It could be the PKK and terrorism. But we also have quite a lot from the Swedish side, where we have an interest in closer cooperation. We have a lot of criminal activity and organized crime in Sweden that has roots down there," he continues.

"Sweden has fulfilled its commitments"

Next week, Sweden and Turkey will meet to discuss the Swedish NATO process. Turkey has not yet ratified Sweden's NATO application.

The government hopes that the approval will take place before Vilnius. Carl Bildt does not want to predict whether it can become a reality or not, but points to the three countries' meeting on June 12 as an important one against Swedish NATO membership.

"There hasn't been a meeting there for a while and it has to do with the Turkish election above all. Therefore, it is important that Jens Stoltenberg got this agreement, he says.

Critical of NATO demonstration

Carl Bildt also points to factors that could affect the process. Among other things, the anti-NATO demonstration held in Stockholm this weekend where PKK flags were waved.

"That remains to be seen. I hope Turkish observers see it for what it is.