• Events Falls a gang of thieves of luxury watches who assaulted tourists and escaped on electric scooter

Aware of the problem of theft of luxury watches, a criminal practice that is repeated in several European capitals, the Mossos d'Esquadra created a specific unit, the Titani Group, for the prevention and resolution of these crimes that are usually committed on tourists, so they are repeated more in summer. Although the results have allowed the dismantling of a specialized gang and arrest more than twenty suspects in recent months, the agents warn of the violence with which this type of robbery is committed.

This is what was found by a plainclothes patrol of the Urban Guard that last Friday near the Born of Barcelona saw how two suspects pounced on a man wearing a gold watch valued at about 70,000 euros. To remove it, one of the defendants held the victim while the other broke the rubber strap with bites. Then they fled with the booty.

The agents managed to arrest them and recover the watch, in addition to attending to the victim. They are accused of a crime with violence since they assaulted the victim by immobilizing him and caused injuries by using his teeth to remove this luxury object.

Last May, the Titani Group carried out three operations against robberies in Barcelona with a result of 16 detainees who accumulate 204 records. In addition, the Mossos in collaboration with the Guardia Urbana have the Tremall plan operating in the city to prevent robberies and thefts of multi-repeat thieves. Its presence increased in the streets with the arrival of tourists and visitors to the city due to the good weather.

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