"As of May 2023, the permanent population of Ukraine, according to the estimates of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, is 29 million people. Only 9.1-9.5 million Ukrainians work, and if you take away state employees, about 6-7 million people remain. They are the team that carries others - 22-23 million people, including pensioners, children, students, the unemployed, dependents, the same public sector workers, "RIA Novosti quoted the institute as saying.

According to analysts, since February 2022, 8.6 million Ukrainians have not returned to Ukraine, and the birth rate has fallen below 1, while for population growth it must be more than two.

The center claims that in the next few years, there will be twice as many pensioners in Ukraine as there are working ones, so there will be no one in the country to create GDP.

Economist Giulio Palermo, in an interview with l'Antidiplomatico, previously expressed the opinion that debt obligations to the US and the EU will destroy Ukraine. According to him, now the country is "kept afloat" at the expense of international loans, but it has no chance to repay them.