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An article by the journalist of EL MUNDO Lucía Méndez on capitalism and the financial crisis of 2008 has been one of the texts that students have analyzed this Monday in the exam of Spanish Language and Literature of the Selectivity of Murcia. The students had to summarize it in a maximum of eight lines and make a critical comment on their ideas, giving their personal opinion, in addition to explaining the meaning of the words "hecatomb", "indecency", "recession" and "hasty".

In addition, they have had to make a morphological and syntactic analysis and develop a theme of literary education, to choose between the avant-garde movements and Noucentisme, the generation of 27 or Spanish theater from 1936 to 1975. If the student did not want to comment on Lucía Méndez's article, he could opt for another signed by José Nicolás in El País where the existing debate on Twitter about the diversity of accents was summarized.

7,700 students have participated in this autonomous community in a test that this Monday begins, in addition, in the Community of Madrid, La Rioja and Cantabria. In total, more than 200,000 students in the second year of Baccalaureate will be examined for university access.

This call is still marked by territorial inequality, since the Government has not arrived in time to correct the different correction criteria in the autonomous communities or to "standardize" the structure, as it had promised, due to the electoral advance. For the so-called single district, the grade that a student obtains in his city serves to enter any university in Spain, although the tests are different in their difficulty.

The exam, which since the Covid allows a greater optativity in the questions, is in the air because the Lomloe forces to rethink it to adapt it to a more competency learning model and less based on concrete knowledge. The Ministry of Education had ready a decree with the new system to start applying it from next year, but has decided to keep it in a drawer so as not to generate uncertainty on the eve of the general elections of July 23.

If the PSOE wins, therefore, this decree will be approved with the new format of the Ebau or Evau, despite the fact that public universities see that it still presents many problems. If the PP wins, it could extend the Selectivity as it is now proposed by a decree, as it did in 2016 by suspending the revalidation, while it elaborates its proposal for a single test throughout Spain.

In the Selectivity of the Community of Madrid has fallen a fragment of the book by the philosopher Daniel InnerarityThe invisible society and an article by Eulàlia Solé in La Vanguardia. Students have had to choose between arguing for or against the obligation to adopt preventive measures in health issues or reasoning for or against robots being able to replace pets. They have also been asked to syntactically analyze the phrase "Politics is obliged to deal with uncertainties". Among the literary options, they have been able to choose between Noucentisme and the avant-garde, literature after 1974, theater from 1939 onwards or literature between 1900 and 1939 in relation to its historical and literary context.

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