The hydrogen valley around the Baltic Sea is becoming denser

Announcement by the American manufacturer Plug Power: three green hydrogen plants will be built in Finland. Objective: the decarbonisation of European industry and energy self-sufficiency.

Some of the hydrogen produced in Finland by Plug Power's plants will be exported to Western Europe. © Business Wire/AP

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These three Finnish plants will produce 850 tonnes of green hydrogen per day. A significant contribution to the European plan RePower EU which aims to produce 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen on the continent by 2030.

Three plants for three different uses. In Kokkola: production of hydrogen and green ammonia for local industry. In Kristinestad, hydrogen, which can be stored and transported, will be used in steel production. The third site will be dedicated mainly to export to Western Europe.

An announcement that establishes a little more the hydrogen valley project on the contours of the Baltic Sea. This project, bringing together 40 partners from 9 countries in the region, aims to ensure energy self-sufficiency for industry.

The state-owned company Gasgrid Finland is working on the development of a cross-border market between Estonia and Finland that can irrigate the whole of northern Europe. It would rely in particular on existing infrastructure: gas pipelines, electricity networks and maritime traffic.

The country aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

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