According to a report published by the Russian newspaper Vzglyad, the new crisis in Kosovo is the largest and most dangerous in many years, explaining that the clashes between Serbs and NATO forces and the departure of the Kosovo authorities from the control of the United States and the European Union, highlight the future of Ukraine.

The newspaper explained in the report that the crisis - which occurred during the past months - was expected, and its main goal is political and police control of the northern part populated by Serbs.

Moscow and Belgrade consider all of Kosovo to be Serbian territory, and the clashes left hundreds of victims and dozens of NATO police members, it said.

According to the report, Serbian police prevent officials from going to perform their jobs after winning elections boycotted by Serbian candidates and voters, demanding autonomy and the creation of a federation of Serbian municipalities, and asserting that this demand was legally approved by Pristina 10 years ago.

The United States and the European Union do not consider the winners of the recent elections to be the legitimate authorities of northern Kosovo, Vzglyad said.

The report said Pristina insisted on handing over "legitimate authority to its owners", giving opponents of this view a choice between imprisonment or heading to Serbia, commenting on this: "In fact, this seems to be a clear position because the ongoing battle for control of northern Kosovo that Pristina risks losing forever."


The current clashes are a test of the strength and ability of the United States, the European Union and NATO to control their loyalist parties.

Thus, the image of Brussels and Washington, as the dictators of events, changed as their loyalists went off track.

Ukraine may follow in Kosovo's footsteps in the near future, given the West's desperation to arm radical and enthusiastic nationalists who cannot be reconciled, believing that these parties are too financially dependent on it to spiral out of control later.

He explained that contrary to what the West promotes, the Ukrainian units are not completely controlled by the West, but rather the relations between them are based on interest, and these units may turn into a potential threat to Europe, which is what the "Kosovo Albanians" have become with all their spectrum, whether political or military.