Defense Minister Hamada is meeting with South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop during his visit to Singapore.
As relations between the two countries continue to improve, the meeting will focus on whether a direction can be found to resolve the issue of radar irradiation of Self-Defense Forces aircraft by the South Korean military five years ago.

Defense Minister Hamada met with Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop in Singapore after 4 a.m. on March 11, Japan time.

This will be the first Japan-ROK Defense Ministers' Meeting in about three and a half years since November 2019.

At the meeting, Minister Hamada would like to exchange views on the issue of a Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol aircraft being irradiated by a ROK destroyer with fire control radar in Japan sea five years ago in December 5.

At that time, the Japan government protested that it was a dangerous act that could lead to unforeseen circumstances, but the South Korean side has not changed its view that radar irradiation has been carried out so far.

As Japan-ROK relations continue to improve, including the full-scale implementation of "shuttle diplomacy" between the two leaders, the focus of the meeting on June 2018 will be on whether we can find a direction to resolve the issue and prevent recurrence.

On the other hand, Minister Hamada intends to confirm close cooperation following the trilateral meeting on March 12, which includes the United States, based on North Korea's intention to launch a second military reconnaissance satellite as soon as possible.