Information about Jamie Foxx's health is still unclear, but a journalist recently claimed that the American actor was partially paralyzed and blinded by the COVID-19 vaccine.

In early April, it was revealed that Fox, 55, was hospitalized with unspecified "medical complications" after suffering a mysterious health crisis in Atlanta, Georgia, during the filming of the new action film Back in Action, which will be released on Netflix and co-stars Cameron Diaz.

In May, his daughter Corinne Fox confirmed that he was recovering after being discharged from the hospital, but his health condition remains unclear, with much anonymous information about the Oscar-winning actor's condition and the cause of his illness.

Paralysis or recovery?

While Jamie Foxx's fans were trying to check on his health, they were surprised by statements by journalist named A.P. Benza talking about Fox's deteriorating health as a result of a stroke in the brain that left him partially paralyzed and blind.

In a podcast interview for Ask Dr. Dr. Dr. Drew, the journalist said a reliable source told him that the cause behind the mysterious Fox disease was the COVID-19 vaccine, as he was pressured to receive the vaccine, which led to a blood clot after being injected.

But actor Nick Cannon, a close friend of Jamie Foxx, spoke in a recent interview with Extra TV, in which he said that Foxx would tell his audience about his health as soon as he was ready.

When asked about the rumors that Jamie had a stroke, Cannon said that he does not intrude on Jamie's matters, but respects the privacy of his friend, he may be exposed to the same situation, and concluded that he respects Foxx's career as he is a "professional artist."

Contrary to the journalist's claims about his deteriorating health, his daughter, actress Corinne Fox, revealed on her Instagram account that her father has recovered, and confirmed that he has already been discharged from the hospital, noting that a new work for the Fox family will be announced that will be shown in 2024.

Health ordeal

Corinne Foxx published a statement from her family that said, "We tell you unfortunately that our father Jamie Foxx is suffering from a health crisis and medical difficulties, but the rapid action in dealing with his condition pushed him to the path of recovery and recovery from what he suffers from, we know how much you love him, and we appreciate your prayers for him to overcome this health ordeal, and we hope to preserve his privacy due to the difficulty of the current moments."

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Jimmy Foxx, an American actor born in 1967, was abandoned by his family after 7 months of his birth to become an adopted son, and his artistic talents began at a young age, where he learned piano at the age of five, and became a musician as a teenager and a church choir leader at the time.

He began his artistic career in the early nineties of the last century, starting in 1990 with his participation in Sitcom "In Living Color", and his most famous works include "Annie", "Robin Hood" and "Day Shift", and his films "Strays", "Bullet from the Sky" (God Is a Bullet) and "They Cloned Tyrone" are expected to be released in the current year 2023.

He began filming his new film, Back in Action, before suffering his health ordeal in the past few months.