"I know, because the budget on which this municipality is governed, I have been involved in compiling. There is money at the disposal of the municipality. I think you can buy sunscreen, because it's not about many kronor per year, says Carina Ohlson (C)

At Gnarps preschool there are around 120 children. There, parents bring sunscreen to the children.

"I think it's a really nice and wise idea. It feels good that all children should be able to apply sunscreen to their skin because they have such thin skin. That's extra important," says Mellaine Söderlund, who has two children at preschool.

No municipalities in the county have made a decision

Malin Norin, who is the principal at Gnarps preschool, thinks it would be good if sunscreen was free for all children at the preschool.

"Well, we wouldn't have to remind the parents, but then there was sunscreen. That would make our work easier. We want the guardians to lubricate their children before it arrives at preschool in the morning. Then we fill up during the day, says Malin Norin.

A round call to the county's municipalities shows that no municipality has today made a decision to buy sunscreen for preschool children.

Mellanie Söderlund with sons Frans and Wilhelm. Photo: SVT