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They publish videos of their fighting, accompanied by martial music. The »Legion of Free Russia« - as documented by them here - carried the Ukraine war across the border with Russia into the Belgorod region. The members professionalize their appearance on the Internet – and rely on public relations. The spokesman for the Free Russia Legion provides information about their mission to international media agencies in Warsaw.

Alexei Baranovsky, spokesman for the Free Russia
Legion»After the invasion of the Grayvoron region of the Belgorod region, we said that this was only the beginning. We didn't make empty promises, it was really just the beginning. Today we are conducting another large-scale advance into the Belgorod region, this time into the Shebekino region. This time, much larger liberation troops have entered Russian territory, and the fighting continues as we speak."

Footage of the Legion is said to show the advance in the city of Shebekino on Russia's western border. The goal is to advance further and further on Russian territory. The final destination, according to the spokesman, is finally Moscow.
This bodycam footage is supposed to show the active fighting in the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Belgorod region. There were wounded legionnaires here.

The fighters are acting together with the far-right group "Russian Volunteer Corps", both of whom were involved in the attacks in Belgorod. Among the members of the volunteer corps are avowed neo-Nazis. The legionnaires of "Free Russia", on the other hand, want to see themselves as resistance fighters. Both claim to be anti-Kremlin Russian volunteer fighters.

The Ukrainian government denies any direct involvement in the attacks on Russian territory.Kiev has so far remained silent on the question of who equipped the Russian volunteer units with weapons. The spokesman for the Legion wants to clarify this.

Alexei Baranovsky, spokesman for the Free Russia Legion»The Freedom of Russia
Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps are part of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, which is controlled by the Ukrainian military. If Russian volunteers are on Ukrainian territory, they are part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But when Russian armed fighters are in the homeland, the chain of command no longer applies. Then we are simply talking about Russian fighters, not a Ukrainian operation. «

On its Telegram channel, the Free Russia Legion publishes pictures, videos, comments on a daily basis. Their sign is the white-blue-white flag, as it has become popular among Russian opponents of the war in emigration.

"For Russia! And For Freedom!" is written, including the call to all Russian soldiers and officers to join their struggle for a free Russia.

This video is supposed to prove that Russian soldiers from Belgorod are actually joining the movement. Published on Twitter and subtitled in English for an international audience.

Clip Soldier
He decided to switch to the Ukrainian side – and join one of the two groups, this soldier explains in the video. Information that can hardly be independently verified.

The tactical goal of the legion is to withdraw Russian troops from other parts of the Ukrainian front.

Alexei Baranovsky, spokesman for the Free Russia
Legion: "That's one goal, the other is to show the Russians that another country is possible. That there is an armed group that is ready to fight for freedom."

Moscow calls the groups terrorists. After all, the Legion has publicly declared its intention to overthrow the Putin regime.