The municipality has had three weeks to respond to the parents' claim for damages, but has not done so. This means that the parents are now proceeding and suing the municipality at Falu District Court, which Falu Kuriren was the first to tell.

"We have not received any indication that the municipality is prepared to meet the demands. Then a natural step is to proceed to district court, says Henrietta Cahn, lawyer for the Center for Justice.

Escaped and drowned

It was in June 2021 that five-year-old John Walter was placed in an HVB home in Värmland. He escaped and was later found dead in a nearby body of water. The employees were convicted of manslaughter.

Claims for damages were filed

In May this year, the parents filed a claim for damages with Falun municipality as they always considered that the municipality of Falu that placed him in Hagfors should take responsibility for the death.

"Our hope is that the court will conclude that the municipality admits that there has been a violation. No amount of money in the world can make up for what they have been through," says Henrietta Cahn.

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Watch when John Walter's father submitted the claim for damages to Falun municipality, on May 11 this year. Photo: Ann-Louise Julin/SVT