The questions for those who have lost yourself in the NATO process

  • Why is everyone talking about Vilnius?

    14 sec

  • What happens if we miss the window?

    20 sec

  • How long have others had to wait?

    28 sec

  • Is it not enough for our neighbouring countries to be involved?

    27 sec

  • Can we stop fawning for Erdogan now?

    15 sec

  • Is it bad for us that Stoltenberg is leaving?

    22 sec

  • What's the deal with Hungary?

    22 sec

  • Why is no one cracking down on Erdogan?

    19 sec

  • Why was Finland allowed to join without a summit?

    20 sec

  • What happens if Trump becomes president?

    18 sec

  • Is Oscar Stenström still the chief negotiator?

    21 sec