In the video, treatment secretary Kristian Issa explains why it goes so quickly from euphoria to addiction and suicidal thoughts with crystal.

The new drug crystal is described as easy to obtain while being highly addictive. The reason is that it affects as many as three neurotransmitters in the brain.

Many people get side effects that can persist for a long time after stopping using crystal. For example, "visual tinnitus". Then you see visual phenomena that do not exist in reality.

Visual illusions and illusions – long after you quit crystal

"We have received a large number of young people who have persistent illusions. These patients may have persistent changes where shapes and flashes are seen. It is due to an injury received from the drug. It usually disappears but can take up to a year, and there is no good treatment," says Kai Knutsen, who works with drug-related injuries at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

SVT Nyheter Öst has in several publications described the development of the new drug 3-cmc, which is called crystal.

In the video below, the treatment secretary lists the signs that may indicate that someone is taking crystal – and gives concrete advice to parents.

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How do you detect that your child is taking crystal? What signs should you look for? And what can you do as a parent? In the video, treatment secretary Kristian Issa gives advice to parents. Photo: Mimmi Moberg/SVT