The national wheat has entered the concentrated harvest period

Zhengzhou, 6 Jun (Jiefangjun Bao) -- On a sunny rainy day, in the wheat field of Liudian Town, Queshan County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, harvesters shuttled back and forth and machines roared. "Don't wait for people in agricultural time, hurry up and go to the field!" Liu Jianxin, a cross-district operator from Chizhi Village, Xinle City, Hebei Province, said. With the harvester traveling at a constant speed, the wheat grains were continuously sent into the transport truck, entering the field at 1 a.m., and before noon, more than 8 acres of wheat fields were all harvested.

At present, the national wheat has entered the concentrated harvest period. In late May, there was a large-scale continuous rainfall process in the northern winter wheat area, which had a certain impact on the summer harvest. In response to the continuous rainy weather, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued an emergency notice, requiring relevant provinces to grasp the wheat harvest and dry it. All localities take active actions, scientific scheduling, accurate docking, accelerate the progress of harvesting, and strive to ensure that summer grain pellets are returned to the warehouse.

According to the wheat machine harvesting schedule of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of 6 o'clock on June 1, more than 17 million mu of winter wheat have been harvested nationwide, with a progress of nearly 5700%. Hubei and Sichuan have entered the end, Anhui and Henan have progressed by <>%, Jiangsu has progressed by <>%, and Shaanxi has made nearly <>%.

Summer grain production is the first season of annual grain production, and summer grain production accounts for 1/4 of the total annual grain output. This year, the planting area of summer and winter wheat in the country is more than 3 million mu, which is a steady increase over the previous year.

In order to strive to seize a bumper summer grain harvest, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized a study and judgment of the production situation, requiring relevant provinces to check plot by plot and drain stagnant water in the fields in a timely manner. For North China and other places where wheat is still in the filling period, continue to grasp the full coverage of "one spray and three prevention" to minimize disaster losses. According to the maturity of wheat, harvest progress and weather changes, scientific scheduling machinery rush harvest. Feel the demand for grain drying, mobilize multiple forces, use all kinds of grain drying machinery, do our best to dry and dry, reduce losses and mildew. Strengthen investigation and disposal, organize grain purchasing enterprises to purchase according to the degree of germination, and prevent difficulties in selling.

Henan, the "granary of the Central Plains," has adopted key measures to seize the opportunity and organize a rush to harvest. On May 5, the provincial finance urgently allocated 30 million yuan for wheat drying. In order to ensure the income of wheat farmers, the Provincial Department of Finance issued a circular requiring all agricultural insurance underwriting institutions to make every effort to settle wheat insurance claims. The province has made good use of the existing 2,17 wheeled harvesters and more than 3,6 crawler harvesters, strengthened the linkage between provinces, cities and counties, given full play to the advantages of the market-oriented cooperation mechanism of agricultural machinery cooperatives, and maximized the effectiveness of agricultural machinery equipment. "The whole province is doing its best to ensure the summer grain harvest, and it is expected that the wheat harvest will basically end around June 15." Sun Weifeng, director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Henan Province, said.

Wheat has been harvested from south to north in Anhui Province, and the province has strengthened regional cooperation, set up 122 emergency harvest operation service teams, implemented harvesting and drying equipment, and made every effort to ensure that summer grain pellets are returned to the warehouse. During the "three summers", Anhui plans to put in about 20,98 combine harvesters, and the yield rate is expected to be more than 5.10%, and strive to basically complete the wheat harvest task in about <> days.

The wheat is ripe for a while, and you are scrambling. On the front line of summer grain production, all localities and departments have implemented detailed work, party-member cadres have helped wheat harvest, professional service teams have fought across regions, and the vast number of farmers have gone all out and made concerted efforts to win the initiative to seize the summer grain harvest. (People's Daily)