• 28-M The leadership of Podemos in the Balearic Islands resigns after the electoral blow
  • Crisis The malaise against the dome shakes Podemos: "Where they campaigned we have been left out"

The first consequences of the debacle of Podemos in the regional and municipal elections begin to be unleashed, after the purple party has been practically swept off the map in the main parliaments and city councils. In the last 24 hours there has been a wave of resignations in the Balearic Islands, Castilla-La Mancha and the Canary Islands, while the national leadership has taken refuge in silence so as not to give explanations or make self-criticism for the bad results. That contention is not such within the party, where the unrest is enormous.

The most forceful assumption of responsibilities has occurred in the Balearic Islands. The regional candidate and general coordinator of the party, Antònia Jover, has resigned this Thursday along with her entire Executive. The results have been especially bad on the islands. Unidas Podemos has lost half of its votes and has gone from six deputies to one.

The Balearic Islands is one of the five regional governments that the purples will lose after the examination of the polls, along with those of the Valencian Community (where it has achieved zero deputies), Aragon (one), Canary Islands (zero) and La Rioja (two). The only one it could retain is Navarre.

This situation has caused Jover and his trusted team to decide to resign and urgently convene an Autonomous Citizen Council for next June 10 with the idea of ratifying his march and establishing a roadmap to choose a new Balearic leadership of Podemos in a primary, which would be convened by the state leadership.

Jover is for now the only candidate who has resigned, although there are other territories that are in a similar situation, with the exception of Extremadura and Navarra and, with other circumstances, La Rioja, where the head of the list was IU, where the results have been saved.

It was precisely from the Balearic Islands that the harshest criticism against the national leadership of Podemos has come out. Juan Pedro Yllanes, who is acting vice president of the Government, blamed the electoral "catastrophe" on the leadership of the party and called for the resignation of Ione Belarra, Lilith Verstrynge and Pablo Echenique. "It's surprising," he said, quoting all three, "that they haven't already disappeared from the political scene. It is known that they must have interests to actively follow." In that interview on Onda Cero he called on Podemos to "dissolve within Sumar without putting any type of condition and imposition."

The Canarian powder keg

In the Canary Islands there has been another resignation. The Secretary of Organization, César Merino, has resigned from his position after one of the worst results of the party in the regional elections in this region. The purples have disappeared from the Canarian Parliament when they came from being part of the coalition government with the PSOE.

"You have to be generous in victory and brave in defeat. I have tried to be consistent all my life and this was not going to be less. An electoral defeat does not define us," the former leader said in a message on Twitter. Party sources downplay the impact of his departure because due to personal problems they already knew that he was going to leave after the elections.

The Canary Islands have been an internal powder keg in recent months. Podemos suffered two splits, when with two former members of the party they created new parties. Alberto Rodríguez, who promoted Drago, and Meri Pita, who launched Reunir. In these months of tensions within Podemos there have been resignations, resignations from positions and many pressures that have ended in the worst of ways.

10 resignations in Castilla-La Mancha

In Castilla-La Mancha there are also consequences after being left out of the regional parliament again. Ten members of the Citizen Council of Podemos Castilla-La Mancha announced yesterday their "irrevocable" resignation.

In a letter sent to the militancy, collected by Europa Press, they argue that the poor results "show that the strident strategy of the current leadership only has an echo within the party, showing itself irrelevant and frightening for the progressive voters of the region that we aspire to represent."

Likewise, they reproach the candidate and regional leader, José Luis García Gascón, a "lack of political will to reach agreements with other forces" and act from the "egomania" "This same situation is reproduced in our state leadership that has had to suffer a historic electoral blow to begin to show willingness in agreement with Vice President Yolanda Díaz and Sumar project, " add the resigned.

In other territories, the regional leaderships of Podemos close ranks with Belarra and his team and focus on the general elections. Meanwhile, the national leadership has been silent since last Monday, when the secretary general announced the opening of negotiations with Sumar after receiving a call from Diaz to resume contacts.

To safeguard those talks, the party has chosen to remain silent and avoid making public statements to the media. The deputies who have come this Thursday to the Permanent Deputation of the Congress have refused all attempts to ask them, while the ministers of Unidas Podemos has cleared their agendas of events to avoid answering questions.

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