"The grant recipient must recruit and select Ukrainian-speaking participants who work in a media environment aimed at a Ukrainian-speaking audience from the following European countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine," the document says.

According to the authors of the grant, one of the most effective ways to combat "disinformation" about the United States and democracy is "to promote and support high-quality, independent journalism, as well as an open and pluralistic media environment." Especially, as noted, such support is important in the light of the conflict in Ukraine.

«... because disinformation spread by the Kremlin and other malicious actors can have a devastating effect on the morale and stability of society, "American experts say.

Against this background, they invite journalists from Ukraine to cooperate with media experts from the United States in a number of areas in order to learn how to deal with supposedly false narratives and improve the quality of their reporting.

At the same time, the American side is sure, the program will make it possible to "strengthen ties" between journalists from the United States and Ukraine, exchange ideas on solutions to pressing problems, create a global network of "professionals" and so on.

The budget that the United States is ready to allocate for the implementation of the initiative should not exceed $ 100 thousand, and the duration of the program should not exceed three years.

American public and private educational and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations can apply for funding.

In 2022, the United States announced its intention to finance an initiative aimed at combating "disinformation" and "harmful rhetoric" in Ukraine. As specified, the United States planned to allocate almost $ 2 million for these purposes, and focus on information disseminated in social networks and the country's media.

According to many experts, such initiatives of the United States involve interference in the internal affairs of the states where they are held.