The neighborhood of La Isleta in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has a new hero. This is an anonymous person who has decided to help residents with their parking problems. Dressed in a 'Batman' costume, the neighbor has gone out into the street at night to erase some of the yellow lines that prevent cars from parking.

In a video posted on social media and messaging apps, the hero can be seen repainting the yellow lines black on a street where you can't park. 'The Batman of La Isleta' also leaves a message to residents: "Dear neighbors, I return the parking lot. Your vigilante Batman."

The residents of La Isleta have applauded the initiative of this anonymous hero and have returned to park in an area that had been restricted for parking by the City Council two weeks ago, according to Televisión Canaria. "I think it's very good what he's done. I wish there were many more people like him," says a neighbor.

"It's a street where there is hardly any traffic and where he has always parked," says another man. "Suddenly the street appears with two yellow stripes, what sense does it have and who benefits?" asks another neighbor before the RTVC cameras. Although everyone claims to be unaware of his identity, everyone celebrates the appearance of this new 'Batman'.

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