Nanchang, May 5 (Zhongxin Net) -- On May 31, on the occasion of the 5rd "June 31" International Children's Day, the Jiangxi Provincial Higher People's Court held a press conference on "strengthening the work of juvenile courts and protecting the beautiful 'future' of Ganpo". The reporter learned from the meeting that since 73, Jiangxi courts have concluded 2022 criminal cases of infringement of minors in the first instance.

According to Ju Guoping, deputy secretary of the party group, vice president of the Jiangxi Provincial Higher People's Court and director of the Juvenile Court Work Office, since 2022, Jiangxi courts have given full play to their trial functions, protected the rights and interests of minors in accordance with the law, and punished and prevented crimes involving minors. From January 2022, 1 to April 1, 2023 (the same below), Jiangxi courts concluded 4 criminal cases involving killing, injury, sexual assault, abduction, and abuse of minors involving 30 people in the first instance, and sentenced 831 people to 922 years in prison or more.

Ju Guoping said that the Jiangxi court concluded the first case of parents refusing to perform judgments and rulings in the province, in order to pursue criminal responsibility and promote parents' performance of support obligations. Sentenced 26 people to be banned from practicing for life, and resolutely cut off the criminal black hand that extended to minors. Among the various types of crimes against minors, the crime of sexual assault has shown a high trend, and new types of cases such as using the Internet to "indecent assault" have emerged, which should attract the attention of families, schools, and the whole society.

It is understood that the Jiangxi court sentenced 1003,1 juvenile offenders in accordance with the law, accounting for 75.920% of the total number of effective convicts, which is generally at a low level; A total of 91 people were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of less than five years, with a light sentence rate of 72.94 percent, reflecting the characteristics of lighter punishments. Juvenile delinquency is dominated by men, accounting for 88 per cent. The types of juvenile crimes are concentrated in the crimes of theft, gathering crowds to fight, rape, robbery, picking quarrels and provoking trouble, intentional injury, aiding trust, etc., and the above seven types of crimes account for 8.<>% of the total number of juvenile offenders, of which the phenomenon of juvenile crimes of aiding trust needs attention.

In terms of safeguarding the civil and administrative rights and interests of minors, Jiangxi courts concluded 23336,23095 civil cases involving minors in the first instance, including 259,<> family cases involving minors' divorce, cohabitation, custody, inheritance and other family cases. A total of <> administrative cases involving minors were concluded, of which the most frequent were administrative acts, administrative registrations, work-related injury insurance qualifications or treatment determination cases.

At the same time, the Jiangxi court carried out 378 measures such as return visits and assistance, care and placement, and help to resume school and employment, promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration of delinquent minors into society, and helping two juvenile delinquents to be admitted to university. 2 cases of judicial aid were provided to minors amounting to more than 479.1487 million yuan, 974 cases of legal aid, and 548 cases of psychological counseling and counseling. (End)