Russia says it has repelled an attempted invasion from Ukraine in the Belgorod region

The attacks from Ukraine in the Belgorod region seem to have reached a serious new level. The subject is making headlines on Russian television. The Kremlin assures him: the Ministry of Defense, the border service of the FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the regional authorities are in constant contact with Vladimir Putin. The perpetrators are believed to be the same as those who occupied a portion of Russian territory nine days ago for 36 hours.

Vehicles destroyed in the city of Shebekino in the Belgorod region, Russia, in this image published on May 31, 2023. VIA REUTERS - GOVERNOR OF BELGOROD REGION

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From our correspondent in Moscow,

Roofs of downtown buildings in flames, Grad rockets on the local branch of the Ministry of the Interior, electricity cut, buses to evacuate civilians, children and mothers first. The town of Shebekino, regional authorities say, has been under "massive" shelling since Wednesday, May 31.

Shebekino, a city of 40,000 inhabitants, would be almost empty now. According to testimonies on Russian television, nothing works anymore in this symbolic city that everyone knows in Russia, since it is the headquarters of one of the cheapest and best-selling pasta factories. They can be found on all supermarket shelves.

The Russian army claims to have used artillery and aviation to counter three coordinated attacks of "saboteurs": the same as those who had occupied part of the Belgorod region 9 days ago, and which the army had only overcome after placing the area under the "anti-terrorist operation" regime: the "Russian volunteer corps" and the "Freedom of Russia" legion.

According to several Telegram channels, these men were moving on light armored vehicles under the cover of tank and artillery fire. The first official civilian death toll is only a handful of wounded and no deaths. Thirty attackers, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, were killed.

The Kremlin denounces the absence of international criticism.

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