A meeting of the research team launched by NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration on unidentified phenomena such as unidentified flying objects = UFOs was held in public, and opinions were raised on the necessity of data collection.

Last year, NASA launched a research team of experts to investigate unidentified phenomena sighted in the sky, such as unidentified flying objects = UFOs, from a scientific perspective.

On May 5, we opened a meeting with members of this team.

The meeting reported that more than 31 cases of unidentified phenomena had been received so far.

The most common was a sphere-shaped object, and there was a lot of information about seeing white or silver objects, and as an example, footage taken from a military aircraft in the Middle East last year was introduced.

At the meeting, some people said that scientific data was lacking and difficult to analyze, and the team's leader, Dr. David Spagel, an astrophysicist, pointed out that "targeted data collection and management is necessary to better understand these phenomena."

On the other hand, there were cases where the identity of the aircraft flying at equal intervals looked like a UFO due to the shaking of the photographed equipment.

The research team will continue to analyze and compile a final report in late July, which will be available to the public.