In Ukraine's neighboring country of Moldova, the leaders of European countries gathered to begin an international conference to show solidarity. President Zelensky of Ukraine also participated, stating that the provision of air defense systems and fighter jets would bring about an early peace, and called on countries to strengthen their military assistance.

The European Political Community, which was established after Russia's military invasion began, held a summit meeting in Ukraine's neighboring Moldova on the 1st, attended by about 50 leaders from EU member states and other countries of the Balkan Peninsula that are not members.

President Zelensky of Ukraine also participated without prior notice, stating at the beginning of the meeting that "the provision of air defense systems and fighter jets will bring about early peace" and called on countries to strengthen their military support.

The countries participating in the "European Political Community" are aligned in their stance against Russia, which continues to invade Ukraine militarily, and this summit is expected to show unity beyond the framework of the EU = European Union.

In addition, Moldova, the host country of the summit, is one of the 15 republics that made up the former Soviet Union and has maintained relations with Russia, but in response to the military invasion, it has reviewed its relationship with Russia and has strengthened its pro-Western stance by applying for membership in the EU in March last year.

Putin's entourage is urging Moldova to enter the war

Bortnikov, one of Russia's President Putin's aides, and the head of the security agency FSB = Federal Security Service, participated in a meeting with Belarusian security agencies and other allies on the 1st.

"Western countries are actively urging Moldova to participate in the conflict in Ukraine and are trying to sweep Transnistria," he said, reining in Western countries and Moldova.

Transnistria in eastern Moldova is an area under strong Russian influence, such as the unilateral separation and independence of Moldova and the presence of Russian troops, and the pro-Western Sandu regime of Moldova is increasing its vigilance that Russian troops that have invaded Ukraine will not invade Transnistria in the future.