This is an EU project that is trying to find solutions to get fish to swim past hydroelectric power stations.

– The goal of the entire project is to bring back the natural functions in watercourses, says Karin Olsson at the County Administrative Board of Skåne, who is the project manager.

First time in Sweden

A prototype called a "fish screw" has been developed. It weighs 26 tonnes and is being installed, for the first time in Sweden, in Mönsterås municipality.

Uniper will take care of the practical parts, while Karlstad University investigates and reports how the fish feel and behave.

Why have you chosen Fliseryd?

"Partly because this place is suitable to test the screw on and partly because there is already a natural fishway. Then you can compare the fish screw with the natural fish path," says Karin Olsson.