The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported the defeat of more than 100 artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the NVO zone.

"Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile forces and artillery groups of troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit 103 artillery units in firing positions, manpower and military equipment in 149 districts during the day," Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the defense department, said during a briefing.

The command and observation posts of the units of the 81st Airmobile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the 108th Territorial Defense Brigade in the area of Seversk (DPR) and Gorky (Zaporozhye region) were also hit.

In addition, air defense systems shot down a Su-25 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force in the Zaporozhye region, destroyed 17 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the LPR and DPR, intercepted 16 rockets of the HIMARS, Uragan and Alder multiple launch rocket systems.

In addition, servicemen of the UAV unit of the South group told RT correspondent Ilya Vasyunin how drones are set up and how they are used on the front line.

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Situations on the front lines

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also spoke about the situation on the contact lines in the NVO zone.

In the Kupyansk direction, the actions of three Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the Kharkiv region and the LPR were suppressed. Air strikes and artillery fire of the Western Group of Forces destroyed up to 45 Ukrainian servicemen, three vehicles, an Acacia self-propelled artillery mount, and a D-20 howitzer.

In the Krasnoliman direction, operational-tactical and army aviation, artillery and heavy flamethrower systems of the Center group of forces destroyed up to 80 Ukrainian servicemen, two pickup trucks, a Gvozdika self-propelled artillery mount, a D-20 howitzer and an ammunition depot of the 125th Territorial Defense Brigade.

Also in the area of Kreminna (LPR), the actions of the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group were suppressed.

In the Donetsk direction, units of the 1st Army Corps are fighting in the area of Avdiivka. At the same time, the assault detachments of the 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade and the Akhmat Special Forces Detachment continue offensive operations in the Maryinsky tactical direction.

The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine per day amounted to 395 Ukrainian servicemen, one tank, two infantry fighting vehicles, three pickup trucks, as well as two D-30 howitzers. In addition, an ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed.

On the South Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia fronts, up to 120 Ukrainian servicemen, two vehicles, and an Msta-B howitzer were eliminated by air strikes and artillery fire from the Vostok group of forces.

In the Kherson direction, up to 20 Ukrainian servicemen, two pickup trucks, a Grad MLRS combat vehicle, and a D-30 howitzer were destroyed.

Repelling the attack on the Belgorod region

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that on the morning of June 1, an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack against the civilian population of the city of Shebekino, Belgorod region, was thwarted. Ukrainian formations attempted to invade the territory of the Russian Federation in the area of Novaya Tavolzhanka and the Shebekino international automobile checkpoint.

"As a result of the active actions of the units covering the state border of the Western Military District and the FSB of Russia, the terrorist formations of the Kiev regime, having suffered significant losses, were thrown back. There were no violations of the state border," the report says.

According to the Defense Ministry, more than 30 Ukrainian terrorists, four armored combat vehicles, a Grad multiple launch rocket system, and one pickup truck were destroyed in the border area from Ukraine.