• Aragó They are looking for Emily, a two-year-old girl kidnapped by her mother in Zaragoza

Iryna Palii, the mother of the two-year-old girl who disappeared in Zaragoza on May 19, is in Ukraine, where she is from, despite the complaint filed by the father who, by court order, prevented her from leaving Spain.

This has been alerted by theSOS Disappeared Association by indicating that the 34-year-old woman is now wanted and captured by an arrest warrant.

In its Twitter profile, the association has regretted that the warning issued to the Ukrainian authorities has not served to prevent its entry into that country.

The girl's father, Alejandro Vaquero, has confirmed, according to Heraldo.es, that Iryna managed to cross the border of Ukraine with the girl on the 22nd.

He adds that the National Police has contacted him on Tuesday to confirm that Interpol had detected the mother and the girl entering Ukraine.

On May 19, the father of Emily Vaquero Palii alerted the authorities that his daughter had disappeared when he did not find the clothes of either the mother or the girl of the family home.

From that moment the search alert for the little girl and her mother was activated. Iryna Palli is 34 years old, 1.67 tall and has long blonde hair.

The girl is two years old, measures between 96 and 98 centimeters and has brown and light gray eyes. According to the SOS Desaparecidos platform, this is a case of parental abduction.

The titular magistrate of the court number 15 of First Instance of Zaragoza recently issued a series of urgent precautionary measures aimed at preventing the departure from Spanish territory of the girl Emily Vaquero Palii, whom her mother, Iryna Palli, took from home last Friday without the knowledge or permission of the father.

With the excuse of going to a birthday, the mother took the girl when she was in a park with the father who had gone to pick her up at the nursery.

When the father returned home he found that the woman had disappeared and had taken the girl and all her belongings.

The father, Alejandro Vaquero, a professor at the University of Zaragoza, then filed a complaint with the police station for an alleged kidnapping.

At the same time, she asked the Family Court for several measures, including and giving priority to the prohibition of Emily leaving Spanish territory, unless there is prior judicial authorization.

Likewise, the magistrate ordered the State Security Forces and Bodies to investigate the whereabouts of the mother and daughter and find out if they have left the country using the appropriate documentation.

Also that a letter be issued to the embassy of the United States, the country where the couple previously lived, and Ukraine, nationality of the mother.

In addition, the father was granted other measures such as custody of the child, as well as the exclusive exercise of family authority over it.

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