• Politics The PSOE gives a truce to Sánchez because "it is better to go to general elections than to bleed" until December
  • Economy The electoral advance prevents Sánchez from launching the Spending Ceiling with the adjustment demanded by Brussels

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has gathered today his parliamentary groups, after the debacle of 28-M, to ask them for a closed support to his person and thus win the next elections. The socialist has assured to have taken the decision to advance the elections thinking about the "injustice" that socialist presidents and mayors have suffered and, above all, so that citizens decide if they want "a president next to Biden or one next to Trump and Bolsonaro".

The intervention of Sanchez far from deepening in self-criticism after the resounding blow suffered at the polls has been a frontal attack on the PP whom he has repeatedly labeled as "extreme right". The parliamentarians, all pending whether or not they are part of the electoral lists, have applauded his words with fervor as if whoever spoke to them had led them to victory.

According to Sanchez, the result of 28-M has meant for the PSOE a "serious institutional blow because many socialist presidents and mayors have been displaced." He added: "I couldn't carry on as usual. That is why I made the decision to advance the elections with my conscience, thinking of my colleagues who have gone out of their way because no leader can look the other way when their own suffer such an unfair punishment."

"It hurts me to lose because the immediate consequences fall on people I love, so I had to step forward and assume the results of Sunday, without hiding," he said.

"Dismantling what has been conquered"

The second consequence of the polls, in his opinion, will be that "where yesterday there was a socialist, tomorrow there will be a popular with one of Vox, which the only thing they intend is to repeal sanchismo and destroy and dismantle everything conquered, all the social advances achieved. "

And he has cited: repealing the rise of the SMI, the labor reform, suppressing the minimum vital income, or the law of dignified death, or suppressing taxes on energy and financial to return to their tax amnesties, suppressing scholarships, reimposing segregation in school, cutting the health system, ending the climate change law and curbing industrialization by joining the list of denialist countries, or freeze pensions again.

All this is "intuited" by Sánchez who has influenced the "complement" that Vox will add to this entire list. According to him, now what is needed is to clarify what the Spaniards want: if they want "a tandem of extreme right-wingers that copies the proclamations that have been seen in Washington or in Brazil." That is why he asks for "strong and resounding support because Spain has a lot at stake" to prevent Spain from "going backwards" and "turning the Spanish presidency of the EU into a muddle."

"Now it's time to clarify things and know what society wants." In short, to know if Spaniards want "the extreme right and the extreme right" or their socialism, if they want a president of Spain "next to Biden or next to Trump and Bolsonaro".

Pedro Sánchez has warned that the next campaign will be plagued by dirt and insults and has even slipped comparisons with the "mob that stormed the Capitol" to oppose Biden's triumph over Trump. The president has spoken of a "reactionary current" that runs through Europe and from which Spain is not immune. And he has not hesitated to present himself as the leader of the party that can act as a retaining wall to this wave "no matter how powerful those behind it are because," he said, "the vote of a bus driver is worth the same as that of the president of a television channel." On the media, he has warned that "they are going to launch lies and traffic in lies."

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