A new Skurubro has been discussed for decades, but now it is ready. At least for those who want to go east, towards Värmdö. The section that goes in a westerly direction will open this summer, but exactly when is not clear yet.

Financed by bridge fee

It will cost four kronor to cross the new Skuru Bridge and works in the same way as the congestion charge in that you get an invoice sent home or by e-mail. Since it is a fee and not a tax, it will be a different invoice than the congestion tax. Like the congestion tax, it is possible to turn on direct debit. However, it will not be until after the summer before the fee is introduced.

There has been criticism of the bridge fee from both Värmdö and Nacka municipalities. Nacka's municipal commissioner Mats Gerdau (M) has said several times that he is against a fee, but that the municipality concluded that they have no choice. For Värmdö residents, Skurubron is the only land connection to and from the municipality.

In the video: Watch the premiere tour and hear Mats Gerdau (M), chairman of the municipal executive board in Nacka about the bridge fee.