Political and legal organs carry out in-depth efforts to prevent and control juvenile delinquency

Treat diseases before they occur, and escort the healthy growth of adolescents

Editor's note

Minors have special physical and mental conditions, especially adolescents in adolescence, who are not yet psychologically mature, have poor ability to distinguish right from wrong, do not have strong ability to resist temptation, and are more likely to fall into the wrong path. It is difficult to play a positive role in crime prevention by simply punishing juveniles who have committed crimes.

In this regard, political and legal organs adhere to the principle of "education first, punishment secondary", carry out precise assistance and education throughout case handling, save juveniles who have committed crimes to the greatest extent, help them reintegrate into society, and continuously improve minors' legal literacy through carrying out various legal publicity and education activities, so as to avoid the occurrence of tragedies from the source.

Today is Children's Day, and this newspaper specially published a group of reports on political and legal organs educating and rescuing juveniles who have committed crimes and escorting the healthy growth of young people by the rule of law. Stay tuned.

□ Dong Fanchao, reporter of this newspaper

"With your unremitting help, Xiaohai has changed his bad habits, and now he has a formal and stable job, and he has begun to live a solid and serious life." On March 3, Wang Xiaohai's (pseudonym) father sent a pennant with the words "Relieve the people's worries, care for the people, love boundlessly, and fulfill their duties" to a support group led by Sheng Shilin, director of the Economic Development District of the Changzhou Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu Province.

Previously, Wang Xiaohai went astray due to mental immaturity, and the help group led by Sheng Shilin formulated a targeted help plan for Wang Xiaohai according to his situation, and now Wang Xiaohai has gradually returned to the right track of life.

Since the beginning of this year, the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has improved the mechanism for helping minors, and community cadre volunteers and community police have insisted on regular meetings and exchanges and door-to-door assistance. By taking the initiative to get close to the target of help, and using psychological counseling and other methods, solve problems for the target of help.

In recent years, in view of the current problems in the governance of juvenile delinquency and crime, local political and legal organs have conducted in-depth research on the characteristics of laws and regulations, deepened the governance of juvenile delinquency and crime in a multi-pronged manner, and promoted the realization of crackdown, containment and long-term governance of juvenile delinquency.

Accurate "bomb defusal"

Effectively improve risk prevention and resolution capabilities

On January 1 this year, the Jintan branch of the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau received an alarm from Mr. Shen, a resident, that 18,7000 yuan in cash had been stolen from his car. After receiving the police, the Jintan Sub-bureau cracked a number of cases of theft of property in cars by gangs of minors by "pulling the car door" through efficient command and synthetic research and judgment, and arrested 8 minors involved in the case.

Since 2022, the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has summarized and analyzed the characteristics and causes of juvenile delinquency related cases, improved the "one person, one file" for minors involved in the case, and carried out door-to-door visits, heart-to-heart talks, and education and probation for key personnel who have committed multiple crimes.

In order to improve the ability to prevent and resolve risks involving minors and "defuse bombs" in a timely and accurate manner, Changzhou Public Security developed an intelligent early warning model and built a closed-loop mechanism for the issuance, receipt, disposal and feedback of early warning instructions.

On May 2022, 5, the plainclothes patrol team of the Changzhou Public Security Patrol Special Police Detachment discovered through early warning that four minors with previous theft records were active in the Changzhou Economic Development Zone. "We further investigated and found that the four officers drove to Changzhou at 31 a.m., and all of them were driving without licenses." The police of the patrol special police detachment of the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau said that the detachment immediately instructed the nearby patrol police force to work with the Lucheng police station in the Economic Development District to conduct an investigation of the four minors, and they confessed to driving without a license, and explained the criminal facts of going to a certain place to smash a shop and steal in the early morning of the same day.

"We have implemented 'every case must be investigated' in cases involving minors, compacted case-handling duties, ensured standardized law enforcement, and promoted the implementation of assistance and education measures for minors involved in cases." Ding Ruihong, head of the criminal police detachment of the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, told the "Rule of Law Daily" reporter that the city's public security organs have also carried out special crackdowns through the establishment of a citywide juvenile crime crackdown group, further improving the efficiency of handling cases, and successively destroyed 5 theft gangs with more than five people.

"Graded intervention in key minors can not only better protect minors, but also achieve the prevention of high-risk juvenile delinquency, and at the same time improve the efficiency of police investment." According to Zhai Dongdong, a professor at the Central Judicial Police College and director of the Offender Risk Assessment and Project Correction Research Center, the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Law has special provisions on intervention for key minors, but the detailed rules for intervention in key minors are not clearly stipulated. Changzhou's public security organs' exploration of graded intervention for key minors can not only learn from other places, but also accumulate experience for the improvement of legal provisions on the prevention of juvenile delinquency.


Reduce incidents involving minors at the source

"After watching the warning educational film, I was deeply educated."

"Reject school bullying Everyone is responsible and running away will only hurt more. I will face it bravely and protect myself with the law. ”


This is the feeling expressed by several students of Wuxianghu Middle School in Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, not long ago, after watching a warning educational film recorded by the juvenile correctional center and listening to the law popularization class.

In recent years, the juvenile correctional center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has vigorously carried out warning education and law popularization work on the prevention of juvenile delinquency and crime, and has successively received more than 50 schools and more than 8000,<> primary and secondary school students from more than <> schools in the region to carry out warning education on crime prevention through the method of "inviting in + going out".

The Juvenile Court of the Haidian District People's Court of Beijing Municipality promotes the establishment of a "2+3+3" school violence prevention mechanism, that is, in conjunction with the Education Commission, school districts, and schools, it carries out legal popularization education, parenting education, and education on the concept of governing schools according to law for students, parents, and teachers.

Local political and legal organs give full play to their own experience and advantages in preventing juvenile delinquency and supervising and managing education, and innovate methods and methods to reduce incidents involving juveniles at the source through pre-prevention.


Helping delinquent minors to reintegrate into society

"I really didn't expect to be able to return to school, but I cherish this opportunity now, and I will definitely study hard and be a useful person to society in the future." Recently, Liang Liang (pseudonym) after resuming school said sincerely to the procurator of the Yiwu City People's Procuratorate in Zhejiang Province, who returned to visit.

At the age of 17, Liang Liang, who was still a student at a vocational school in Yiwu City, was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, suspended for two years, for the crime of gathering a crowd to fight. When the school learned of the situation, it dissuaded him to dismiss. Liang Liang is worried about this, will he never be able to return to society normally because of a mistake in the past? So he appealed to the procuratorate for help.

The procuratorate visited and investigated to learn about the current situation and his good performance of sincere repentance. "If the delinquent juvenile has difficulty in enrolling in school and finding employment due to the loss of criminal records, it may cause them to slide into the abyss of crime again, and all the efforts invested in education, reform, and rescue in the case-handling process will be reduced to zero." Ye Junfeng, a prosecutor at the Yiwu Municipal Procuratorate, said that the most urgent task is to urge the relevant departments to implement the "Implementation Measures on the Sealing of Juvenile Criminal Records" as soon as possible.

On January 1, the Yiwu Municipal Procuratorate issued procuratorial recommendations to relevant functional departments on the above issues. Relevant functional departments adopted relevant suggestions and carried out self-inspections, sealing all the criminal records and social correctional files of 20 juveniles who had been released from correction, and strictly regulating the authority for criminal record inquiries. With the concerted efforts of multiple departments, the school agreed to resume school.

During the interview, the reporter learned that many local political and legal organs have explored and carried out mechanisms for supervising, helping and educating juvenile criminal suspects with minor criminal circumstances, achieving good results and laying a good foundation for the smooth reintegration of juveniles involved in crimes into society.

The Juvenile Court of Haidian Court has extended psychological assessment and psychological counseling for the risk of recidivism to all juvenile criminal cases and other juvenile parties involved in litigation in need, inviting psychological experts to conduct long-term follow-up and professional guidance for minors involved in litigation; Organize judicial social workers and psychological counselors to set up help and education groups to resolutely prevent repeat offenders.

The Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau integrates the resources of government departments and all parties in society, and explores the establishment of long-term mechanisms such as publicity and education on the rule of law for preventing juvenile delinquency and education, and follow-up and education, focusing on the individual, family, and social system of the target of pairing assistance.

"We adopt the '2+2' combination model, that is, the police of the organ and the community police, community cadres and psychological counseling volunteers where the minors are located to form a companionship help team, so as to achieve 'one person, one team', implement 'contact every week', and study 'one person, one countermeasure'." Liu Hui, director of the News and Publicity Center of the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, said that according to the reasons for the illegal and criminal activities of the beneficiaries, family environment, growth background, personality characteristics and other factors, analyze the reasons for their bad behavior, and scientifically formulate assistance plans according to the characteristics and needs of minors, so as to "adapt measures to local conditions, implement policies according to circumstances, and teach according to people", and help the recipients return to family, school and society to the greatest extent.

According to statistics, since October 2022, of the 10 key minors who have been paired up by the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, only 300 have records of involvement in the case, and 18% of the help targets have not committed crimes again.

"The work of helping juveniles who have committed crimes is specialized, with prison people's police in juvenile correctional institutions, community corrections staff in the community corrections stage, and judicial administrative organ staff after release from prison." Zhai Zhongdong pointed out that on the one hand, political and legal organs in many places have paved the way for the return of delinquent minors to society through different forms of assistance. On the other hand, with the increasing attention to the prevention of juvenile recidivism, it is expected that different institutions will work together to promote the prevention of juvenile recidivism, so as to systematize and normalize the prevention of juvenile recidivism.

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