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JBL remains one of the market leaders in headphones. It is the result of a long technological mastery in the world of sound and a wide and diverse range of products. Thus, you are audiophile, sporty, or thinking of equipping one of your children, this manufacturer has a headset to meet each request. We tested about fifteen references before offering you our comparison of JBL headphones.


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Headphones, wired or wireless, have made tremendous progress in recent years! Of course, it is difficult to fight against physics and an 8 to 12 mm speaker that can be found in an earpiece, will not be a match for the speakers of several centimeters that equip headphones ... In addition, they offer greater comfort and above all avoid having to insert an object into the ear. But they are heavier and bulkier... We have therefore selected and tested the best of the brand's products to guide you to the best possible choice thanks to our comparison of JBL headphones.


  • JBL Tour One M2, for comfort and sound quality
  • JBL Live 660NC, the choice of reason!
  • JBL Tune 510BT, for bass lovers
  • JBL Tune 720BT, for accessible multipoint enthusiasts
  • JBL JR310BT, for the fun and safety of your children

Our comparison of JBL headphones

JBL Tour One M2, for comfort and sound quality

To start our selection, let's say it clearly: JBL has surpassed itself with a very beautiful high-end headphones with noise reduction. Its circum-aural design (the pads encompass the ears and are directly in contact with the skull) is very successful with fluid and clean lines. The pads and foam that cover the articulated headband make this product a little happiness of everyday life so comfortable it is. The right earbud has a sensitive surface to easily interact with your playlist and volume. The app is very complete and full of functions such as an equalizer, a system that automatically mutes the music when you speak or the different nuances of noise reduction. This last point is in the right average and will protect you from the noise pollution of an open-space for example. The sound rendering is a model of the genre with extended, deep bass, and the mids are of an almost disconcerting balance. The treble is perfectly chiseled, with beautiful attacks without being aggressive. An enduring companion that displays a measured autonomy of 30 to 35 hours!


JBL Live 660NC, the choice of reason!

Another circum-aural helmet at JBL, but we are not going to complain about it as the level of comfort is appreciable. Its design is elegant, with hints of modernity. He also knows how to play with materials for a visually soothing touch. Its pads are truly a model of comfort. The headband can simply be a little stiff if you have a head a little bigger than average... This model folds for easier transport and you'll also enjoy a touch surface on the left earbud to control it. The pairing is very simple thanks to Google's Fast Pair technology and as the connection is multipoint we can connect it to several different devices. It also has a jack. The two 40mm speakers work wonders with formidable bass and mids that know how to pull out of the game. The treble could be more chiseled, sharp, but they are so precise that it almost does not feel. The noise reduction is not the best on the market, but this model does very well in this area too. Finally, he is a real marathon runner with almost 44 hours of measured autonomy!


JBL Tune 510BT, for bass lovers

The manufacturer JBL clearly targets a young and nomadic public, who are looking for quality ... but not to the point of ruining himself. This helmet has a modern look and is very compact when folded. Totally made of plastic, it is nevertheless well assembled. Be careful, in use, the model in black turns out to be a real fingerprint trap, defect that do not have other color variations. This urban look is also perfectly functional with physical control buttons on the earbuds (volume, playlist navigation and pairing). Here, no noise reduction technology, so only passive insulation of the pads will protect you from noise pollution. The result is honest for an over-ear headset (the pads rest directly on the ears). The rendering is very punchy, it will perfectly stick to the expectations of lovers of hip-hop and other musical styles rich in bass. The mediums take care of the voices and the treble are of good tone, without shining. Finally, it displays a nice autonomy of 35 to 40 hours.


JBL Tune 720BT, for accessible multipoint enthusiasts

This helmet, offered at a reasonable price, concentrates all the know-how of JBL. It starts with a design that clearly displays its style and a very satisfactory build quality for its price. It is also foldable and slips easily into a backpack. It is not the most comfortable circum-aural, but the pads do the job for a good hold. The sound rendering immediately makes us think that the target audience is probably young, with rich and energetic bass and it goes to the low mids. The treble benefits from the same care, with a beautiful sound and a very pleasant crystalline rendering. The mediums on the other hand are a little behind, but the voices do not really suffer. No noise reduction here, nor compatibility with an app to enjoy an equalizer. In terms of autonomy, we have a very enduring helmet that will reach a good thirty hours.


JBL JR310BT, for the fun and safety of your children

Attention, important precision before starting, the use of a helmet in a child must be limited in time. Even if as here, it has been studied to offer the best possible sound for the developing ears of our offspring. The design is colorful, makes "real" helmet and benefits from a good quality of manufacture. The children will be totally autonomous with, except for the pairing phase which will require your help. Whether it's an Mp3 player, Nintendo Switch, smartphone or tablet, this headset is compatible with all Bluetooth products. The pads are comfortable and surround the ears well. The sound rendering is good, with balanced bass, very well treated voices and treble that does not go too high. This product has been designed to offer a sound that does not attack the ears, which explains the limitation of the power to 85 decibels so as not to damage the eardrums of our children. It offers a battery life of up to 30 hours, which should cover most long trips and save your future summer naps.


How to choose a headset?

There are two variants of headphones, supra-circulum and circum-aural. In the case of the former, the pads rest on the ears. In the second case, they surround the ears and land directly on the skull. Both designs are available in open and closed helmets. To put it simply, the first ones are more designed for indoor listening, the sound circulates and escapes without obstacle for a natural rendering. Closed products offer better sound isolation, but a slightly less audiophile rendering. Other points to watch out for are the ergonomics of course and the fact that the headset remains comfortable even after many hours on the ears. Remember that with sunny days, these helmets affect sweating in the ears and it can be uncomfortable. The hoops should be firm, but not too firm, and if possible foldable for easy transport. Bluetooth 4.0 is a minimum, but prefer 5.0 or higher. Finally, autonomy should not be neglected, thirty hours seems to be the current average.

What is noise reduction?

Noise reduction is a technology that relies on advanced microphones and algorithms that will filter outdoor noise pollution. Do you work in an open-space, go for a jog or take the train? You may find yourself in a sound bubble only occupied by your music. However, it is necessary to qualify because, depending on the models, the reduction is not always efficient. Thus, low frequency noises such as motors or recurring noises such as those of a keyboard are rather well treated. The big weak point of the most entry-level products is often the voice and dry noises. Depending on your needs, you don't have to invest in the best performing products. Finally, we must not forget the transparency mode. The microphones here will work to mix the soundtrack and make sure that you remain aware of your surroundings. It can be more prudent!

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