The incident is being investigated as a work environment offence and the classification is causing the death of another.

"The fact that the person has not been found is no obstacle to that classification," says prosecutor Stig Andersson, at the National Unit for Environmental and Work Environment Cases.

"Witnesses have been heard"

The alarm about the accident came at 10.15 on Tuesday and a large search operation was launched. After a pause, the operation was resumed and it is ongoing in parallel with the investigative work.

"It's still about initial investigative measures. Some witnesses have been heard and there may be more, says Stig Andersson.

Not alone on the bridge

It is rumored that the man has been working alone at the site, is that right?

"It depends on what you mean by alone. If you mean two square meters, he was, but not if you look at a larger area. Having said that, we have talked to colleagues of the man, says Stig Andersson.

What have they told?

"It is an ongoing investigation and we expect that there may be more witnesses to be examined. They can be influenced and therefore I do not want to go into that, says the prosecutor.