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It's official: Melissa Jimenez and Fernando Alonso are a couple. It has been announced by the magazine ¡Hola! publishing their first photograph together in a car. They had already been seen in an image, where the pilot appeared taking a picture with a follower at the gates of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco and she was seen in the background. But they were nothing more than rumors.

Once the confirmation of this romance has jumped, the podcast Mamarazzis has gone further: according to the information of Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez the sports journalist broke the heart of the comedian Dani Martínez to be with the king of Formula 1, with whom he has been two months.

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"We have learned that Melissa Jiménez had a sentimental relationship at the moment in which her relationship with Fernando Alonso begins," the journalists of the heart have begun. According to Fa and Vázquez, Dani Martínez had been dating Melissa Jiménez for a year and a half. Something that did not transcend beyond a photograph due to "his discretion" but was fully consolidated and point out that he even had a relationship with the three children of the communicator.

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But the bomb they have dropped is the means that Melissa Jimenez used to break with Dani Martinez. Not a phone call or Facetime, a whatsapp. "He said 'it's not you it's me' and that he did not want to be with anyone but he already had a relationship in parallel with Fernando Alonso", this, according to the aforementioned journalists, has made the comedian "very surprised" when he has seen the images of this couple. In fact, they claim that their sources are people from Dani Martínez's closest entourage.

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