Several other regions in the country – including Stockholm, Skåne and Västra Götaland – have written to the government protesting against the bill.

Now the Liberals in the county want Region Västernorrland to do the same.

"People who come to hospitals to seek care shouldn't have to worry about being admitted. The proposal is contrary to the legal principle that all people have the right to treatment that cannot be deferred. A duty to report healthcare professionals would also run counter to healthcare professionals' requirements for professional secrecy and patient confidentiality. We do not want such an arrangement", writes the county association's Camilla Nilsson in a press release.


"The Tidö agreement opens up for exceptions for, for example, healthcare. I think we should be clear that this exception should apply," she continues.

The exception Camilla Nilsson refers to when it comes to healthcare is the one that falls under the category "care that cannot be deferred" – see the fact box below.

In the clip above, party colleague Ina Lindström Skandevall further elaborates on the Liberals' reasoning on the issue at county level.