Virginie Girod SEASON 2022 - 202305h50, May 31, 2023

[Listen to the rest of this story in the second episode, available tomorrow on all listening platforms.] Discover the story of Artemisia, queen, warlord and fighter during Antiquity, told by historian Virginie Girod in a story in two unpublished episodes. We are in the fifth century BC. in the Aegean region, separating the east coast of Greece and the west coast of present-day Turkey. Daughter of the king of Halicarnassus, Artemis is in turn queen of Halicarnassus in Asia Minor. Its overlord, the Persian king Xerxes I, dreams of conquering mainland Greece. To achieve this, the king of kings raises a gigantic army. All his vassals, including Artemisia, provided men and weapons. On the other side of the Aegean, the various leaders of the Greek city-states were unaware of the Persian stratagem. However, on the advice of Themistocles, they unite as a precaution, in case of attack. While in June 480 BC, the Persians marched victoriously on northern Greece, in Athens, resistance was organized...

Find Virginie Girod in Madame Figaro on newsstands on June 2 with an unpublished portrait of Queen Artemisia.

"Au Cœur de l'Histoire" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast.

Topics covered: Antiquity - Greece - Queen - Aegean Sea - War - Epic

"At the heart of history" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast.

Writing and presentation: Virginie Girod

- Producer: Camille Bichler (with Florine Silvant)

- Artistic direction: Adèle Humbert and Julien Tharaud

- Director: Clément Ibrahim

- Original music: Julien Tharaud

- Additional music: Julien Tharaud and Sébastien Guidis

- Communication: Kelly Decroix

- Visual: Sidonie Mangin

Bibliography: Violaine Sébillotte-Cuchet, Artémise, une femme capitaine de navires dans l'Antiquité grecque, Fayard, 2022.

Spring: Herodotus, Histories, Books VII and VIII.

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