China News Network, May 5 According to the British "Guardian" reported on the 31th, US President Biden's former assistant to the Delaware senator Tara Reed said in the Russian media program that she intends to submit an application for Russian citizenship. Reid accused Biden of violating her in 30, but Biden has consistently denied the allegation.

According to reports, Reid appeared on the program of Russian media TV with Russian Duma Parliamentarian Maria Budina on the same day, and made a statement that he wanted to join Russian citizenship.

Image source: Screenshot of the British "Guardian" report

"I'm still in a bit of a trance, but I feel good," Reid said in an interview with Russia's satellite news agency. "I felt protected and safe around... I enjoyed my time in Moscow and felt like at home. ”

RIA Novosti reported that Reid said, "I wish I could live here safely." I am very grateful to my friends in Russia, in Moscow, who accepted me with open hands ... I would like to submit an application for Russian citizenship and ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to grant me this citizenship. ”

Reid, 59, was an assistant to Biden when he was a senator from Delaware. In 2020, when Biden ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in the United States, she claimed that in the Senate hallway in 1993, Biden pushed her against a wall and violated her. Biden has repeatedly denied the allegation.

Infographic: Biden at the White House. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

The Guardian reported that Reid recently considered testifying before Republicans in the US House of Representatives in an attempt to use some House committees to attack Biden and his family.

Reid also said the decision to seek to join Russia was "very difficult." She said, "I'm not an impulsive person. I really took the time to analyze this. ”

According to the Daily Mail, Budina said on the same day that she promised to help Reid draft an application to find a "way to keep her in Russia", which may eventually require the approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin.