Jinan, May 5 (Zhongxin.com) -- The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People's Congress on the 30th that the third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 30th People's Congress of the province deliberated and adopted the Regulations on the Ecological Protection of the Yellow River Delta of Shandong Province (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), which will come into force on August 2023, 8. The regulations focus on the ecological protection and restoration of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta, and provide institutional guarantees for the ecological security of the Yellow River Delta through scientific legislation.

Shi Xiao, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People's Congress and first-level inspector of the General Office, introduced that the Regulations consist of 8 articles in 52 chapters, which stipulate ecological protection planning, water resources protection and utilization, biodiversity protection, ecological restoration and pollution prevention and control, and safeguard measures, so as to ensure the ecological security of the Yellow River Delta in an all-round way.

"The Yellow River Delta is very distinctive among the world's estuarine wetland ecosystems, and its resource endowments and ecological functions have global conservation value and national representativeness, so the Regulations have a special chapter on biodiversity conservation." Shi Xiao said that the Regulations specify the corresponding responsibilities of governments at all levels, strengthen the protection of native plant resources, aquatic germplasm resources, rapidly declining or critically endangered wild animals and plants, habitats, etc., strengthen the prevention and control of invasive alien species, and prohibit activities harmful to wild animals and plants within the Yellow River Delta.

Shi Xiao said that the Yellow River Delta is ecologically fragile, prone to degradation, difficult and slow to restore, so the Regulations focus on ecological restoration and pollution prevention. It is clear that the ecological restoration work adheres to the management of landscape, forest, lake, grass and sand systems, follows the principle of natural restoration first, natural restoration and artificial restoration, and standardizes wetland ecological protection and restoration, ecological flow monitoring and early warning, ecological water replenishment, and comprehensive improvement of farmland.

Xie Jun, a first-level inspector of the Yellow River Bureau in Shandong, said that as one of the three major estuarine deltas in China, the Yellow River Delta contains great development potential, and it is also facing two important tasks of protection and development. Strengthening the ecological protection of the Yellow River Delta is a key link in the comprehensive management of the Yellow River Basin. The promulgation and implementation of the Regulations will certainly provide legal support for the restoration of the ecological protection system and comprehensive management of the environment of wetlands in the Yellow River Delta, the improvement of the water system connection system, the strengthening of biodiversity conservation, the construction of ecological protection barriers along the Yellow River Coast, and the promotion of the health of river ecosystems.

Xie Jun revealed that in the next step, the Shandong Yellow River Bureau will strengthen the flood control work of the Yellow River, further improve the flood control engineering system and non-engineering system of the Yellow River Delta, comprehensively improve the security level of the Yellow River Delta, rationally allocate and accurately dispatch the Yellow River water, promote the conservation, intensive and efficient use of water resources, strengthen the governance of the Yellow River channel and the shoreline control of the backup flow into the sea, ensure the smooth flow of the Yellow River Delta, and ensure the long-term peace and stability of the Yellow River Delta. (End)