A collaboration between Parks and Resorts, which operates the amusement parks, and Svea Solar, which owns the solar park, has made it all possible.

"Svea Solar has built this park and we are committed to buying the electricity. It will be a way for them to finance the construction," says Christer Fogelmarck, CEO of Parks and Resorts.

The solar cell park has cost around SEK 130 million to build and is currently Sweden's largest.

– Our goal, together with all the talented actors, is to drive this transition to get away from fossil fuels as soon as possible, says Svea Solar's CEO, Erik Martinson.

Want to contribute locally

Nyköping residents will also be able to take part in the electricity from the park.

"By also feeding electricity to the local grid in Nyköping, we are helping to reduce emissions locally from now on.

Annual consumption of 4,000 villas

The new solar cell park, located in Fjällskär, was inaugurated on Monday. It will generate just over 20 Gwh per year, which corresponds to an annual consumption of electricity at approximately 4,000 homes in Sweden.