• 28-M Step back from Vara in his march: "I will try to govern in Extremadura"
  • Profile Guillermo Fernández Vara, coroner of Puerto Hurraco: "The Izquierdo brothers were smarter than the colored mice"

The change of position of Guillermo Fernández Vara on his intention to take possession of the act of deputy in the new legislature and present his candidacy for the presidency of the Junta de Extremadura as the most voted candidate, when he had announced on Sunday after the elections the march of politics and his return to his profession of forensic, has taken a new turn in the game of thrones in which the electoral results in Extremadura have become. The votes left the PP one step away from the presidency of the Board because its sum of deputies (28) plus the five of Vox make the 'popular' candidate, María Guardiola, the first woman president of this region. On the other hand, the PSOE and Podemos (28 +4) do not give the accounts. Guardiola's first move on Monday was to ask Vara to abstain so that she could govern and although Vara himself admitted defeat at first and also the PSOE spokeswoman of Extremadura, Soraya Vega, who congratulated the PP and admitted that he would govern this party, the Socialists have changed their tactics.

Given the precipitation of events, Guardiola has summoned the media tonight this Wednesday at 10.00 on Wednesday in Mérida, but before he has offered some radio interviews, in which he remains firm in his intention to be the first woman to preside over the Junta de Extremadura: "The president will be me", He wrote first on his Twitter account to deny a hoax that has revolved around the network all afternoon and where it is assured that he had agreed with the PSOE so that Vara would continue governing in Extremadura. Then, in the Cope chain, he attacked the change of criteria of the socialist baron: "Vara is a caricature and with his change he gives his last service to sanchismo when he himself said on Sunday night that the people of Extremadura did not want him to be the president." Guardiola said that the secretary general of the Socialists has become in this last legislature "in the most submissive baron to Sánchez, silencing Extremadura and thinking about its future, so the best thing for Extremadura is that the PSOE does not govern ".

In addition, he stressed that Extremadura voters "have chosen the center-right to govern in Extremadura because of the apathy and abandonment of Fernández Vara, who also had an absolute majority." For Guardiola, what was voted this Sunday was "in the key of blocks" so he downplayed the importance of the victory by number of votes – not in seats – of the Socialists (+6,000). In addition, asked about Feijóo's proposal to govern the most voted list in each territory, Guardiola explained that "the case of Extremadura, like that of Andalusia, is special because here we have 36 years of socialist governments." In this sense, he stressed that the national president of his party, with whom he coincided today in Genoa, has given him freedom to negotiate with Vox and reach the agreements he deems appropriate to be president: "I have not received any instructions and I am free" to "listen to all parties, although he clarified that this process" has not yet begun.

Guardiola stressed that he first planned to meet with the socialist candidate according to the order of the results and then with the formation of Abascal "during this week." In any case, and as in the whole campaign, he criticized this formation: "They do not have their own program in Extremadura, only national, so they have to explain to me what they want from me," he said to warn then that his "is published and transparent."

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