France: Emmanuel Macron reframes Elisabeth Borne after her remarks on the RN

In France, the Council of Ministers was held on Tuesday, May 30 at the Élysée. The opportunity chosen by the head of state to reframe his head of government after the exit of Elisabeth Borne on the National Rally.

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French President Emmanuel Macron. © Laurent Cipriani/Pool via REUTERS

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You will not be able to make millions of French people who voted for the far right believe that they are fascists. Attacking the RN with words from the 1990s doesn't work." These remarks come out of the mouth of Emmanuel Macron, according to several media, two days after his Prime Minister called the National Rally heir to Marshal Pétain on Radio J.

The majority divided on the RN


They must be discredited by substance and inconsistencies, "added the head of state. And he is right according to Marc Ferraci, Renaissance MP: "There are other ways to fight the National Front and the extreme right.


But within the majority, there is debate. MoDem MP Erwan Balanant is in agreement with the Prime Minister. "I fight it ruthlessly all the time by recalling their origins, by recalling their proposals. We must not calm the game with the National Rally.


Meanwhile, the National Rally is counting the points and rubbing its hands. "Nor are they wondering how to improve the lives of French people. They are no longer debating how to save the France. They are wondering how they will survive the tidal wave that surely represents the National Rally, "says Laurent Jacobelli, spokesman for the party, at the microphone of Pierrick Bonno of the political service of RFI.

A reframing made public while Emmanuel Macron seems determined to regain control after the disastrous episode of the pension reform.

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