Denmark wants to triple its military spending within 10 years

Denmark announced on Tuesday 30 May that it will triple its military spending over the next ten years. Investments of 143 billion Danish kroner (about 19.2 billion euros) to reach 2% of GDP by 2030, a NATO requirement.

Danish army soldiers train in Oksboel, western Denmark, March 16, 2023. © Mads Claus Rasmussen / AP

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With our regional correspondent, Carlotta Morteo

Eagerly awaited, will the figures of the defense budget be up to the needs? The ammunition stocks are empty, the fleets of ships are ageing, the planes too few. Since 2017, Danish military spending has gradually increased, but it had reached an all-time low, amounting to only 1.14% of GDP.

The war in Ukraine has boosted Denmark's need to strengthen these armies, modernize its equipment and draw up a plan for the next 10 years. And it is indeed the earmarking of these 143 billion crowns announced that will now be the subject of intense discussions.

A budget including aid to Ukraine

Two things are clear: Russia is the main threat, and Denmark's security depends on regional security with three main priorities. For Denmark, it is necessary to secure the Baltic Sea, to better monitor the 2,900 km long shipping corridor that goes from Copenhagen to Greenland, and through which the Russian Northern Fleet passes to reach the Atlantic, and finally to guarantee the security of the Danish warehouses, very useful to all NATO forces.

It should be noted that the defence budget provides 21 billion crowns in military aid for Kiev, sums that are in addition to the Special Fund as well as the various aid packages already announced. Denmark has promised Ukraine to support it as long as it takes, because its victory is seen as a clear factor of regional stability.

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