When they came to the mainland, they witnessed the rapid development and progress of the motherland, made new friends, condensed new emotions, and felt the enthusiasm and warmth of their compatriots. They are the "communicators" of cross-strait integration and development, and the "disseminators" of positive energy. The voices of young people on both sides of the strait should be listened to by you and me. China News Network specially launched the "Youth Listening • Cross-Strait" integrated media column to jointly record the true voices of young people on both sides of the strait.

Beijing, May 5 (Zhongxin Net) (Zhu Yanjing, Chen Wentao) "The Legend of Zhen Huan", "Crazy", "The Wandering Earth"... In recent years, many excellent mainland film and television works have crossed the strait and become popular on the other side, attracting more and more young people from Taiwan to come to the mainland to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

Recently, three young Taiwanese guests appeared on the China News Network's "Qinglisten, Cross-Strait" column and shared their light and shadow stories in the mainland.

Cai Xuanxuan was a guest on the China News Network's "Qinglisten, Cross-Strait" column. Photo by Cao Miaoxin


Start with admission to your ideal university

"I like to take the Beijing bus and go to the hutongs to see those grandparents, their life will make me very calm", Cai Xuanxuan, a graduate student in the musical theater department of the Central Academy of Drama, grew up in the mainland, loves to visit Beijing hutongs in her spare time, and likes to travel with her parents in the mainland.

Photo of Cai Xuanxuan participating in the rehearsal of the musical. Photo courtesy of me

Talking about the fate with the Central Academy of Drama, Cai Xuanxuan recalled that she applied for many interest classes when she was a child, and under such an opportunity, she heard about the Central Academy of Drama, "her eyes lit up", so she decided to be admitted to this school. As a result, Cai Xuanxuan came to the Central Academy of Drama to study as an undergraduate and successfully pursued a graduate degree.

Photo of Cai Xuanxuan participating in the rehearsal of the musical. Photo courtesy of me

When studying on the mainland, Cai Xuanxuan said that she received the same education and enjoyed the same treatment as mainland students. Usually, when traveling by high-speed rail or plane, you can also use the Taiwan resident residence permit to directly swipe your card to enter the station, and your life in the mainland is unimpeded. Some relatives and friends in Taiwan asked her whether it was convenient to live in the mainland, and Cai Xuanxuan replied, "It is already very perfect!" I hope you guys come over and take a look, then play together, walk and see together."

After the show, Cai Xuanxuan revealed that she will soon enter a new crew to participate in the filming of a theatrical movie, and she is excited and looking forward to it. In the future, the mainland will have more film and television opportunities to beckon to her...

Chasing dreams

Use film and television to tell Chinese stories well

Unlike Cai Xuanxuan, Taiwanese young director Xue Yingxuan chose to come to the mainland to find new opportunities after encountering obstacles in Taiwan's entrepreneurship.

Xue Yingyu started a business in Wuhan. Photo courtesy of me

For Xue Yingyu, short video social media is not only his medium for communicating with the outside world, but also his original intention to "land" in entrepreneurship. "I was very shocked to see that the development of our motherland was prosperous as a whole. My horizons and career have been broadened again."

Soon after "landing", Xue Yingyu met his partner, a Wuhan native who had the same "movie dream" as him. They formed companies together, planned films, coordinated work, experienced language challenges, collisions of ideas, and encountered difficulties along the way, but they all overcame them one by one.

In August last year, the online movie "Azalea in Dreams" directed by Xue Yingyu was launched. The film is a work created by the two sides of the strait hand in hand and with one heart, telling the love story of an old couple, incorporating Wuhan and "Taiwanese" elements.

He believes that by exerting the power of Chinese culture, it will help the hearts of compatriots to fit. "The two sides of the strait are one family, and blood is thicker than water," Xue said.

Xue Yingyu with Taiwanese youth. Photo courtesy of me

As a "coming person", Xue Yingyu also wants to use her experience to call on more Taiwanese young people to come to the mainland to break in, "write your own story, don't become a passive person." Whether you fall and fail again, or succeed quickly, you will be worth the trip" "Don't just hear, really use your own feet to measure this land, you will look back and find that you have been reborn like Director Xue and become a different person, which is some small value that we can leave in this society."

Build dreams

After Hong Kong and Taiwan broke in, the "martial women" took root on the mainland

Started in Taiwan, then went to Hong Kong, and finally took root in the mainland... For Chen Zhuyin, a martial arts action actor born and raised in Taiwan, the twists and turns he has experienced along the way are not small. In 2020, she and her husband became acquainted because of the drama, and in 2022, the two entered the marriage hall, and Chen Zhuyin became a "Shandong daughter-in-law" and officially took root in the mainland.

Chen Zhuyin with her husband. Photo courtesy of me

After graduating from university, by chance, Chen Zhuyin became a martial arts stuntman in Taiwan, but only as a stand-in. Later, she came to Hong Kong to participate in the filming of Hong Kong dramas and movies. In 2019, because of the filming of a movie, she lived in Shenzhen for two months. It was also this opportunity that made her feel the charm of the mainland. In 2020, Chen Zhuyin made up her mind to come to the mainland for development.

Chen Zhuyin with the crew. Photo courtesy of me

So far, Chen Zhuyin has participated in more than 30 film and television works. Not long ago, she also fulfilled her dream of being a heroine in Beijing.

Chen Zhuyin felt that "the sooner you come here, the better you will develop," she said: With such a vast stage on the mainland, we must treat ourselves as a sponge and a sapling, constantly watering our talents in all aspects, and honing and accumulating our strength. When the spotlight hits you one day, you can play well, which is a very solid but hopeful state. (End)