"If you want to apply for a language teacher, please recite a poem aloud." On May 5, at the first job fair of the 26 College Graduate Employment Promotion Week (Guangxi Branch) held by Guangxi University, Wu Guishan, an interviewer at Fangchenggang Beibuwan Senior High School, made such a request to job seekers.

Obviously, this exceeded the other party's expectations, and the classmate stumbled back a song after being stunned for a few seconds. In Wu Guishan's view, reciting a poem is not only an examination of language knowledge, but also a test-seeker's character and language expression ability, "which is difficult to see just by the words on the resume, but it is a necessary condition for becoming a language teacher."

On the same day, the Ministry of Education held the launching ceremony of the 2023 "2023-day sprint" action and employment promotion week for college graduates in Beijing. According to data previously released by the Ministry of Education, 1158.82 million college graduates are expected to be in <>, an increase of <>,<> year-on-year. The employment situation is grim.

As July approaches, a large number of students graduate and leave school to enter the job market. As graduates enter the window period for job search, recently, education, human resources and social security, the Communist Youth League and other departments have launched a number of policies and measures to fully tackle tough problems and promote youth employment. And the fresh graduates who are about to graduate and "enter the sea" have also made unremitting efforts to ride the wind and waves in the face of challenges and pressures, and strive to successfully land as soon as possible.

Make a "back adjustment" for the company to avoid the "reef" on the road to job search

In early May, the Communist Youth League Central Committee's WeChat public account released "@毕业生, Graduates Beware of Eight Types of Traps in Job Search", which reminded them of the problems that are easy to encounter such as black intermediaries, scams under the banner of part-time jobs, collecting deposit training fees, and pyramid schemes. The article specifically mentions that some obfuscate the work content, beautifying the positions of salesmen, salesmen and other positions into attractive names such as "marketing manager" and "business department director".

When Zhong Qilin of Fujian Institute of Technology is looking for a job and internship, she will take the initiative to go to social media or the enterprise information inquiry system to make a "back adjustment" of the unit, mainly based on whether the company is legal and compliant, business status, legal risks and the evaluation of employees who have worked for this unit. Zhong Qilin said frankly that if she sees unreasonable overtime in the evaluation, the management style is not suitable for her, or there are a large number of unhandled lawsuits, she will not consider this unit further.

"First consider the central SOEs, then the professional-related, then the place of work in Guangxi, and finally consider the reasonable salary." For the first job, Ou Zhaohui from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Guangxi University for Nationalities has a clear conditional priority order. "If the scale of the company is large, it is relatively good to set up branches in different regions; If it is a small business, although the individual has more room for development, the company's ability to resist risks will be weaker. ”

Search for "job search lightning avoidance" on a social platform, many users will share tutorials to teach job seekers how to judge whether a company is worth going, teach everyone how to identify "cake companies", and even directly list "black list companies". Zhong Qilin summed up that "too many routines, too little sincerity", she found out that the current job name was "new media operation" during the internship, and the interview found that the actual work is far more than basic operation work, writing event planning, writing press releases, shooting and editing, almost all need to be completed.

Zhong Qilin hopes that schools can teach everyone how to avoid risks on the road to job search through career guidance classes and other methods, from interviews, signing contracts to employment and employment, and how to protect rights when legitimate rights and interests are violated in the workplace.

Non-fresh graduates visit the job fair site to "look at the course" in advance

Unlike her classmates with more than 10 resumes in their hands, Wu Yanqin looks a little different, she is empty-handed and has no backpack. She is a first-year student majoring in Chinese International Education at Guangxi University's College of Arts, and she participated in the job fair not to look for internships, but to "learn about the employment market".

"Some seniors become teachers after graduation, some go to work in the media, and some go to other industries to start businesses", Wu Yanqin feels that at the job fair site, you can understand the development of a variety of industries at one time, and in the communication and comparison with the recruiter, it is easier to "see the course of entering the sea after graduation".

For more than 3 hours, Wu Yanqin talked about 5 recruitment units, "This company can take the talent introduction policy, there is a settlement fee of 5,10-<>,<> yuan", "The first round of assessment focuses on personality talk, the second round should prepare trial lecture fragments, the third round focuses on the basic knowledge of subjects" "This unit requires high school teacher qualification certificates, and also needs relevant teaching and competition experience", whenever she hears key information, she will record it with her mobile phone.

Zhu An'an, who is studying at Shaanxi Normal University, got an offer from a foreign company for new energy vehicles in April this year, "The work place is in Zhejiang, and I can usually leave work at 4:4 p.m., and I am quite satisfied." She felt that the biggest experience of finding this job was "preparing early".

From the time she entered school, she was determined to "do everything in order to find the right job service", and used her winter and summer vacations to intern at a number of Internet companies. At first, I worked as a content user, but after trying it for a while, I felt bored and bored, "Originally, text and video communication were things I liked, but if it became a job, it would reduce this fun." Zhu An'an seized the last internship opportunity and changed the employment track to intern in a new energy vehicle company, and it was this relevant internship experience that made her stand out from many competitors.

In fact, many of Zhu An'an's classmates are still hovering on the shore of employment, "This year's employment situation is still difficult, I have run 4 offline job fairs, applied for hundreds of units online, if I don't prepare for the internship early, it is difficult for me to get a job that satisfies me." In Zhu's view, in the process of dealing with employers again and again, she will have a clearer understanding of her advantages and suitable development track.

Graduates "on the road to the sea" are not alone

On May 5, at this special job fair at Guangxi University, fresh graduates from many universities in the autonomous region came to find suitable jobs. Nanning Normal University alone chartered 26 buses from various campuses to bring nearly 7 fresh graduates with job search intentions to participate in the job fair.

Chen Huanqing, deputy director of the Enrollment and Employment Office of Nanning Normal University, introduced that all departments and leaders of the school attach great importance to the employment of graduates, especially after the Spring Festival this year, they have carried out in-depth employment actions of "visiting enterprises and expanding posts", intimately providing graduates with various employment services and policy information, and carrying out targeted employment guidance and help.

Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League held a conference on promoting the employment of college students, emphasizing that helping the employment of graduates of the class of 2023 has entered the final period of tackling tough problems, and the Communist Youth League organizations at all levels should further improve the working mechanism, tighten work responsibilities, strictly implement work styles, coordinate and promote the orderly and efficient implementation of employment promotion actions, and work hard to achieve students' hearts.

At this job fair held by Guangxi University, the Chongzuo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau was a special presence among the many booths. In the first two hours of the job fair, I received resumes from 30 students. "We brought job postings from 38 companies, all of which have been vetted by us, and if job seekers want to apply for multiple companies, they only need to submit one resume." According to the staff of the Chongzuo Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, as the youngest city in Guangxi, we have introduced talent policies such as one-time living subsidies, talent housing security and rental subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, and flexible employment subsidies.

"Employment still depends on yourself, work your own, and find your own position." Xie Niqin of Nanning Normal University hoped to find a job as an elementary school teacher, and after looking at several schools in Nanning, she found that the competition was fierce, and many graduates from other provinces were also competing at the same time, so she set her sights on primary schools in her hometown Luchuan County. What we can do is keep trying, don't be afraid to hit the wall, don't be so anxious, take your time."

"Employment before choosing a job does not mean that any job is acceptable." Zhong Qilin believes that choosing a job that can be reached on tiptoe, and then slowly accumulating experience, starting a "journey to ride the wind and waves" in the workplace.

Zhu An'an, who was about to embark on the job, also fell into self-doubt, her parents felt that "since you went to graduate school, you will definitely find a more ideal job", and everyone around her envied her life state, but at that time, the job was not yet determined, while interning and revising the graduation thesis, life was not easy, she finally resisted the pressure, constantly submitted resumes, interviews, written exams, and groped to find her life direction. "Whether it's working as soon as possible or resting and starting again, as long as you choose it on your own initiative, there is no problem. A true sense of self-control is more important than blindly following the rhythm of the social clock. When the time is ripe, we will jump into the sea of people together and be a rushing wave. Zhu An'an said.

(At the request of interviewees, Zhu An'an is a pseudonym in the text)

China Youth Daily / China Youth Network trainee reporter Wang Junli Reporter Xie Yang Source: China Youth Daily