The social media app Tiktok can collect a lot of data about its users, which in turn could end up in the hands of the Chinese state via the Chinese tech company that owns the app. Despite that, Tiktok continues to be popular among users and is additionally necessary to use for many influencers.

Entrepreneur and influencer Isabella "Blondinbella" Löwengrip is one of those who use the app in her job, while being critical of it.

"I think Tiktok will be banned in more and more places and I think it's healthy. I'm pretty critical of Tiktok, but I see it as an influencer job to be there. I'm definitely thinking about having another phone that's my private one," she told the Foreign Office.

Tiktioprofile: No different from other apps

But other users aren't as worried. Christian Skogsgårdh, better known as Tiktok-Chrille, doesn't believe that Tiktok differs in its data collection from other similar apps.

"It's something that happens in all apps, that you collect information about your users. It has to do with algorithms so it's nothing unique to Tiktok. I find this discussion very boring and a bit exaggerated.

Following the ban in Montana, the state has been sued by five TikTok users, who claim that the ban violates their freedom of speech.

Isabella Löwengrip says that it is difficult to stop technology development, but that security is an aspect that is important to consider as a user.

"I think you have to put your foot down and think: Is this how we want it? Do we know what the consequences will be?

Click on the clip to hear what Blondinbella says to her younger followers and see more about the Tiktok bans in Utrikesbyrån: Stop Tiktok on SVT Play.