Caroline is not her real name. To protect the daughter's identity, we have allowed Caroline to remain anonymous and another person has read her voice into the video. She says that the closest friends know, and understand. Still, she feels lonely.

"It feels like a failure, as a parent. But I've been helped to process it.

In the clip above, you hear Caroline talk about her daughter's addiction and the worry about what might happen.

Signs that children are taking crystal

In retrospect, she can see clear signs: That her daughter withdrew, no longer wanted to be part of things. At the same time, she thought it might have something to do with her teenage years. The daughter began to eat strangely, plummeted in weight.

"Now that you know, there were signs. But subconsciously, it's something that makes you not think your child should keep going. After all, it's your child.

Now she wants to warn others. She wants to tell you that it goes way down the ages. And that it's so easy to think that it shouldn't happen to you.

"Are you going to waste your life on shit like that?"

"When I realised she was taking drugs, I reacted strongly. I was really angry, disappointed, sad. Are you going to waste your life on shit like that?

Now her daughter, who is in her 20s, has been trying to be drug-free for a while, but has relapsed, and the fear of what might happen is ever-present.

"I've cried so many tears. For a while, we completely lost touch. It hurts so fucking bad. Like ripping the heart out of your body.

SVT Nyheter Öst depicts in several publications the development of the new drug 3-cmc, which is called crystal, among other things.

In the video below, you'll find out what signs to look for as a parent:

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How do you detect that your child is taking crystal? What signs should you look for? And what can you do as a parent? In the video, treatment supporter Kristian Issa gives advice to parents. Photo: Mimmi Moberg/SVT