10 days to go,

The annual national college entrance examination

The curtain will begin.

Ten years to sharpen a sword,

Candidates who are about to enter the examination room

What to do in the remaining 10 days?

What needs special attention?

A "pre-exam tips" will be given to candidates ↓↓



Stop studying biased, difficult, and strange questions, and consolidate the topics you have done before (especially the wrong questions).


Do the college entrance examination questions in the past two years, carefully refer to the answers, and grasp the points according to the scoring standards.


Prepare some writing materials, such as character stories, allusions, and important current affairs news, as material for writing essays.


If you have not mastered the basic knowledge points and question types, it is best to ask the teacher to help sort it out and deepen the impression.


Insist on doing an appropriate amount of practice every day, especially the key and hot topic types, and keep your thinking flexible and your thinking open.


When doing the questions, calculate the time and plan in advance the approximate time required for each part of the test paper.

Life Chapter


Don't drive the "night train", set a schedule that suits your own situation, and adjust your excitement to the college entrance examination time.


If possible, take a break at noon, preferably no more than half an hour.


If you have insomnia, avoid medication as much as possible, and a diet such as a glass of milk or an apple before bed can be performed.


Diet rules, avoid eating and drinking, big fish and meat, do not casually "medicine supplement", candidates should eat light and ensure comprehensive nutrition before the exam.


Proper physical activity, such as walking, exercises, jogging, etc., can help stabilize and relax the mood.



Pay attention to personal hygiene and indoor cleanliness, avoid going to crowded public places with poor air circulation, and reduce the risk of infection.


Do not spend too much time on physically exerting and fatigue-prone exercises, and it is best not to swim or climb mountains to avoid accidental injuries.


When you are emotionally stressed, it is more likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, headache and toothache and other symptoms, you can prepare some common drugs.


Do not take drugs or caffeinated foods or drinks, alcohol, etc. to "refresh your mind."


Don't be greedy for cool, the temperature of the indoor air conditioner should not be too low, just keep your body cool.


Make sure to drink enough water, try to be around 1500ml a day.



Consciously shift your attention, such as taking a warm shower before bed and chatting with family and friends.


Give yourself positive psychological cues to boost your self-confidence, such as "I have a pretty good grasp of what I have learned."


You can listen to your favorite music during breaks, and when you feel that the pressure cannot be beared, you can talk to your family, friends, and teachers in time.


Don't be overconfident, relax appropriately, and stick to it until the last moment with a calm and calm mind.

Family chapter


Parents should take the initiative to change the way of emotional regulation, do not bring negative emotions home, and improve emotional management ability.


Change cognition, have reasonable expectations for children, do not compare too much with others, do not put too much pressure on children, and give timely encouragement.


Communicate patiently with children, control their mouths, listen more, and let children really finish and say clearly, so that their heart knots can be relieved.


Make sufficient plans to efficiently respond to various emergencies.

The closer you are to walking into the examination room,

The closer you get to achieving your dreams.

A set of college entrance examination cheering wallpapers for college entrance examination students,

May all candidates give it a go and go high school in one fell swoop!

Relax your mind and let go of your baggage,

Run boldly and give it your all!

Please believe:

Every drop of sweat will not be disappointed!