On the Bolivian plateau, agronomist Trigidia Jiménez has rediscovered an ancient crop: Canihua. The plant is related to quinoa and has good nutritional values. But above all, it has a unique ability to yield a harvest even in extreme weather conditions.

The plant is part of the rebirth of the indigenous people of Bolivia, who have grown stronger in the 2000s.

"It's a crop that has always been closely associated with our culture, but it was falling into oblivion," says Trigidia Jiménez.

But increased international demand is driving up prices and Trigidia is worried that the product will be too expensive for ordinary people in the country.

"That's what's happened with quinoa, people can't afford to buy it," she says.

SVT's team has visited the family business in Bolivia that grows the super plant – see more in the video.