Haiti: economic crisis hinders women's access to menstrual hygiene

In Haiti, it is difficult for young girls to have good menstrual hygiene due to lack of access to sanitary pads. Indeed, prices have risen sharply, as has the unemployment rate, a consequence of the serious economic crisis in which the country is plunged. Young girls are forced to review the use of sanitary pads because they do not have the money to buy them.

In Haiti, women's access to sanitary protection is limited due to the economic crisis. (Illustrative image) Wordpress

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Francesca is a student at the State University of Haiti. The sanitary napkins she uses sell for up to 400 gourdes, the equivalent of 2.64 euros. Normally, she uses between 3 to 4 towels daily. But with rising prices, the young woman reduced her consumption to two towels a day.


I'm working. But between work and study, you have to make a choice. So, I decided to work less so I could focus on my studies. And when you work less, it's sure that your salary suffers. So, because of the increase in prices and the little money I receive, I am forced to reduce the use of sanitary napkins," says Francesca.

Like other girls in the Haitian capital who wished to remain anonymous, Francesca is asking health authorities to address the lack of access to sanitary pads.


This will still have consequences on our health as women, because it can generate diseases. I think the Ministry of Public Health, for example, should think about ways to get a reduction in the price of towels," said another woman.

To cope with this situation, some young girls use artisanal cloths, which are, moreover, strongly recommended by gynecologists in Haiti.

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