It was in late autumn 2021 that LKAB discovered that 1,600 cubic metres of oil were missing from a cistern.

Dead frogs and destroyed vegetation inside LKAB's area showed that the oil may have leaked out rather than been stolen.

The clean-up takes a long time

LKAB has now located the oil at a depth of five to seven metres in the industrial area and is slowly, slowly cleaning the groundwater source where it has settled.

That work alone will take five to ten years.

Multiple security measures

At the same time, LKAB is trying by all means to ensure that none of the oil pollution enters the waterways around Kiruna. Ahead of the spring flood, the company has placed booms and barriers in Rakkuribäcken and Luossajärvi.

These are purely security measures. At the same time, you keep track that there are no traces of the oil in those water systems.

"We have not been able to confirm that oil has come out of the area," says Stefan Lahti.

In the clip, he explains how LKAB handles the gigantic oil leak.