On Mother's Day, the northernmost tulip bulb cultivation in the world opens – the tulip festival in Backsjön outside Sollefteå. Carolina Visser, from Holland, and her husband Hasse Sjölund have planned 200,000 tulips in 60 different varieties in their backyard.

"No one in Holland believes that we can grow higher up than Stockholm, but we have succeeded. From Sunday until June 18, the tulips will bloom in batches, says Carolina Visser.

Historic garden

Visitors usually come from Vilhelmina in the north to Stockholm in the south. This year, they can walk through the tulip orchard and get a historical review from when the couple planted the first bulbs in 2008 to this year's news.

"I'm telling you my journey from Holland to tulip cultivation today. We got married in tulip country in 2016, that's one of the parts that I tell you about, says Carolina Visser.

See the cultivation and hear Carolina Visser about why it is positive with virus tulips in the clip above.