On Wednesday night, it became clear that Republican Ron DeSantis is officially challenging Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee in the 2024 election.

In addition, DeSantis would make an unusual start to his election campaign by allowing himself to be interviewed on Twitter by Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Sound disappeared

But the high-profile interview between Musk and presidential aspirant Ron DeSantis suffered major technical problems, after half a million people tried to follow the hearing. As a result, many people could not hear the live call.

The sound disappeared several times and it appeared that there were so many people who wanted to listen that it was "digesting the server".

Biden joked

President Joe Biden is fueling the political opponent's concerns with a tweet captioned "this link works," which goes to his campaign contribution fundraiser.

Trump adviser Chris LaCivita described the crash as "criminal for a campaign," according to The New York Times.

Trump: 'Disloyal'

In the hours leading up to the announcement, Trump wrote in a social media post that DeSantis cannot win either the presidential or primary because of how he previously voted in Congress on issues of Social Security and the Medicare health care program.

"He also desperately needs a personality transplant and, as far as I know, they are not medically available yet. A disloyal person!" wrote Trump of his rival.