, May 5 -- Cathay Pacific CEO Lin Shaobo recently sent a letter to employees about the discrimination of cabin crew against passengers, saying that the incident deepened the impression of some customers that Cathay Pacific has not consistently provided high-quality services to customers from different backgrounds, and many comments have mentioned that the situation has existed for a long time, that is, it is not a single incident, but a problem that the company must face up.

On May 5, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Officer Lim Shaobo apologized again for the airline's flight attendant discrimination against passengers and promised a comprehensive review. The picture shows Lin Shaobo being interviewed by the media. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

Lin Shaobo believes that at this moment, it is necessary to humbly reflect, deeply review the company's culture, and take specific measures, and he will personally lead the cross-departmental working group to find the crux of the problem and implement corresponding improvement measures.

Lam pointed out that after the incident was widely reported, it had dealt a serious blow to the image of Hong Kong and Cathay, and the company had thoroughly investigated in real time and dismissed the employees involved.

According to earlier reports, some mainland netizens posted on social platforms that they were flying from Chengdu, Sichuan to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific flight CX987, and their seats were just in the last row near the flight attendants to prepare meals and rest places. He released a detailed 31-second recording in which flight attendants could be heard complaining about passengers in English and Cantonese during the flight, claiming that "if they can't say 'blanket' in English, then they don't deserve blankets"; There are also flight attendants who mock passengers for not being able to distinguish between "carpet" and "blanket".

The netizen said that the cause should be that some passengers tried to use English words they could use, and wanted to get blankets from these "English-only" flight attendants, but they were ridiculed. In addition, nearby passengers also received impatient answers when they tried to ask the flight attendants in English how to fill out the arrival card.